Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Month

Well one whole month has almost past since my last post.  Let me tell you, the month of May was a doozy.   It all started out great.  We celebrated our anniversary with a trip to the city.  The D man came along and enjoyed dining out with us at Bouchee on Newbury Street. 



My boy is a serious crusty bread-a-holic.  He even dips it in olive oil.  His favorite is the oil that is infused with garlic – he has a sophisticated palate for a 5 year old.




We all shared a flatbread (arugula, fresh tomato, garlic and parmesan).  The crust was seriously as good as it gets.  I love when it is a crispy as a cracker.  D and Charlie though it was outstanding as well. 




Charlie and I shared a Nicoise Tuna Salad.  It pretty much rocked too.




Then the week came when it all went down hill.  D got a stomach virus that was so bad he was throwing up for an hour and a half the first night.  As much as I felt bad for myself cleaning puke from the cracks of my hardwood floors with Q-Tips at 2 AM, I felt even worse for my little man who’s only source of substance for 2 days was ginger ale and oyster crackers.  That week was really tough but we made it through it.  But then, he got sick again.  This time he came down with scarlet fever.  With a little antibiotics in his system he recovered pretty quickly.  The one thing with antibiotics is they really mess with his tummy.  He did not have much of an appetite while taking his meds. 

Thankfully he was well enough to attend the Davis’ Farmland trip that his school had planned.  Parents had to go along which was fine with me – I loved all the baby animals.  Especially this guy.  His fleece was so soft. 




This farm is really great because there are a lot of pens that you are allowed to go in and interact with the animals. 




This goat looked like she was read to bust and apparently she was not preggers.



D’s favorite was a little baby goat named Shadow.  It was so cute and very friendly. 



He got to feed the calves. 



And brush them. 




I was surprised that he got that close to them because at first he was a little standoffish.




We went on a hay ride where we learned the history behind the farm and got to see a bunch of other animals that were not in the pens at the petting farm. 




   To end our day at the farm, D got to milk a goat. 




He got some milk on his hands which I don’t think went over too well.  He was flinging his arms around and insisted on washing ASAP. 




Other exciting news -   D is officially a preschool grad!!!




Here is D accepting his certificate.  Daddy was manning the camera at this point so I am blaming him for the next few not so clear photos. 





I still can’t believe he is going to kindergarten this fall.  My little boy is growing up way to fast.




So other than that I have been reading up a storm.  I read 4 books last month and I am already 100 pages into American Wife (amazing so far I might add).  I started the month with Modoc which was a wonderful story about the greatest elephant that ever lived.  Then I read my very first book by Ann Patchett titled Run.  It sucked me right in and I read it in like a week.  Then I read A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick.  I had not read any reviews of it but the blurb on the back cover made it seem interesting.  And it was superb.  I read it in less than a week.  The last book I read was Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan.  I started it one day and read only about 30 pages and the next day I read the rest of the book.  Yes, it was that good.  I took it everywhere and even read in the car.  I actually took all the book everywhere with me.  For some reason I am able to read in the car now – something that I could not do when I was younger, it made me nauseous.  Thankfully that is no longer the case.

Alrighty, time to go party with the D man.  He has been playing the Wii for way to long and I think we should get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having today. 

Happy Monday!!!