Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are so lucky to be a mommy.  Seriously, the best thing that ever happened in my life was bringing this fine little dude into my world. 



I do not even have the ability to express with words how much I love this boy.




I could just sit and stare at him all day. 




I find it so amazing that I made him (with a little help from daddy of course).  Seeing him grow up right before my eyes is tough at times.   I miss those itty bitty years.  I will never forget the first time he smiled at me or the first time he laughed (pretty sure we caught that on video).  I will cherish these years that I have with him as a youngster and be thankful for them when is a young man. 




Watching this old guy turn grey tugs at my heart strings – I remember when he was just a little pup.  I love my fur baby like another son.




My little family is very special.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Another thing that is bringing me much happiness – the single cup brewer that I got for Mother’s Day.  This thing ROCKS!!!  I am such a coffee junky and my honey knew how much I wanted one. 




He got me lots of different coffees to go along with it. 




D has been drinking to hot cocoa and thinks it is just the coolest thing – especially since I let him have it with his breakfast.  Chocolate in the AM is a real treat.  I haven’t tried the tea yet but the coffee is really delicious.  The varieties that I have tried are so smooth and have none of that bitterness that sometimes comes out in brewed coffee.

The best part about this thing is that there is practically no clean up.  Now that makes starting my day with a cup of java oh so simple.  Even though the french press won my heart – cleaning it did not. 

Now go show that mommy of yours some love.  Without her you wouldn’t be here.  I’m sending my mom who lives in Maine lots of love from way down here in Massachusetts.  She knows that even thought we are far apart, she is always in my thoughts. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


VeggieGirl said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sammie!! :)

Alee said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you post again. I love your blog and miss reading your more regular updates on your workouts/meals. Your boy is just too cute for words, by the way.

lisampls said...

glad to have you back, even if for just a post here & there. happy mothers day sammie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, I'm so glad you are blogging again! What a nice posting and the pictures are great! -Sandy