Monday, May 10, 2010

7 Years Ago Today


We were doing this. 




Yes, seven years ago, Charlie and I got married.  It was such an amazing day. 




Up until I gave birth to D, it was the most joyous day of my life. 




We had such a blast at our reception.




We even took ballroom dancing classes prior to the wedding so that we did not look like goof balls on the dance floor.  I’m actually not sure that it helped.  We did tear it up though.




Everything about that day was perfect.  I will always look back on our wedding day and smile.




Honestly, I would marry Charlie all over again any day.  He really is a great husband.  I hope that if you decide to get married someday, your day is everything that you imagine it to be.  I know that mine was. 

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! The pics made me tear up a little. You look so beautiful and happy together! Hope you guys have a great day :)

ratzxfink said...

congratulations on your anniversary! D looks like charlie when he was young. :)

lisampls said...

happy anniversary! my wedding day was more than i ever dreamed of or imagined, i too wish for everyone's wedding to be as magical as mine (and yours!). find a few moments to steal away with your handsome. have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!

Meghann said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride just as you are still a beautiful wife and mother today! Congrats on 7 years of happy marriage bliss. :)

Susan said...

Congratulations, Sammie!! It's always nice to hear when couples are really in love and appreciate each other. =)