Friday, April 16, 2010

You get to be the flavorologist

I am sure you have witnessed some pretty fancy chocolate combos out there in the blog world – Chocomize is popping up everywhere.  I just had to surprise that sweet husband of mine with a few wacky bars (he is a chocoholic after all). 

There are SO MANY options that I had a hard time decided what I wanted to order.  He loves dark chocolate so the first bar I made started with the dark chocolate base then I added dried pieces of mango, papaya and pineapple.  When I saw that potato chips were on the menu I had to throw those into the mix too.  You also get to name your bar – this one is “Tropical Tater”.  



They seriously load on the toppings.  He really dug this one.  I think that anything with potato chips would tickle his fancy.  Next to chocolate, chips are one of his staples. 



I decided to mix up one with the milk chocolate bar for fun.  He does not hate milk chocolate, he just prefers dark. 

This bar is the “Nerd Bar” – for my nerd of course.  It contained pecans and candy Nerds.  He did like this one but said that it was really a bit too sweet.  The milk chocolate bar and the Nerds were a bit much, especially since he likes his chocolate more on the earthy side.  He did comment on the way the Nerds added a fruity note to the chocolate.  At least it was not a complete fail.



For my next creation I went a little out there.  How could I pass up the chance to make him a chocolate bar that contained bacon?  Yes, they offer bacon as one of the toppings. 

I present you “Piggy Fizz”.



This is a dark chocolate bar with candy Pop Rocks and bacon.  Charlie and D have been known to partake in a few packets of Pop Rocks so I knew that he was a fan.  The bacon was a bit of a question but I had to do it.  Well he loves it.  The candy has lost it’s fizz but he said it really pairs well with the chocolate and the smokiness of the bacon.



The company also sent me one of their “most popular” creations – the Smores Bar. How cute are those little teddy bears?




I had to dive right in.  This is made with their milk chocolate bar and yes it is super sweet.  I have a serious sweet tooth and this guy was even a bit too sweet for me.  A little chunk of this bar is sufficient in curbing that sugary craving.  My guys liked it too – I did share.




If you want to try your hand at making some interesting chocolate bars I highly recommend that you head over to Chocomize and get those creative juices flowing.  I know that Charlie will be mixing up some flavor combos of his own now that he knows that such a thing exists. 

I hope you all are well.  Things are good over here at my homestead.  Next week is school vacation and I am debating on whether or not I want to go visit my mom.  D keeps bugging me to bring him.  Unfortunately I will have to make the 7 hour trek all on my own – the hubs can’t get time off.  We have not seem my mom since October – yikes, it’s been a while!!  My sister and her family are going so that makes me really want to go.  I know my mom would love to have us all there at one time.  I’ll make up my mind soon. 

Have a great one.


sotoole said...

Custom chocolate, what an interesting concept! You really spoil Charlie and Declan. So glad you posted again, I missed your blog.

Charlie said...

Bacon + Chocolate = the big awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really miss your regular postings about your eats and moves, are you coming back?

The chocolate looks so yummy!

kate said...

Love this idea & all of your creations! I dig bacon in my chocolate :)

Jessie said...

I've been seeing these everywhere, too. You've come up with some really creative combos! And yes, that s'more bar is extremely cute. :)

HeatherBakes said...

Wow- that's pretty much the greatest concept ever. I'm all about the salty/sweet combos (I tried to make potato chip cookies this weekend = fail).

I'm with Anonymous- missing your regular posts :( But I know things get busy. Hope everyone's doing well at your house!

Lauren said...

Hi Sam!
It was so nice to see you guys in person last week! Nice to know I'm not the only running obsessed junky in the family. ;)

These chocolate bars look amazing. I will definitely be concocting my own. :)

Btw, when we were walking around Boston I saw the "Be Good" restaurant! and thought of you!

Hope your having fun w/ your mom!

Lauren :)

Kelsey said...

are u freaking kidding me. this company is my dream of heaven come true! chips on chocolate- mama mia! lol. omg j'adore the teddy grahams with marshmallows the best. aww but poor teddy lost his leg. awwee

love ur blog <3

Hailey S. (Adventures in Health) said...

Oh that smores bar is darling. My daughter would love that. Love your blog! Cute kiddo by the way!