Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Side of Fruit

So I was noticing as I was putting all my photos into this post that ALL my meals usually contain a side of fruit.  Well breakfast the fruit was not on the side but it was still present.  I love fruit!!!!  It really is so sweet and delicious.  I can’t wait for berries to be back in season.  The frozen ones just do not compare. 

Here’s a rundown of my very fruitful menu for yesterday. 


Oatmeal, Sun Warrior Protein, banana and cinnamon




Green smoothie that contained almond milk, baby spinach, frozen blueberries, stevia, and ice.




Very delish – going to have another today.



I also had a swiss and provolone sandwich with a side of chopped apples.





tortilla pizza (zucchini, red pepper and Quorn Meatless Meatballs and cheese), along with a chopped plum.




Wraps or tortillas (whatever you want to call them) make the best thin crust pizzas.  I put mine on a pizza stone and it gets super crispy. 




So there you have it.  I’m a fruit eater – why is it that my son is not?????  He eats bananas & strawberries without a fuss but that's about it.  Hopefully that will change.

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