Friday, March 5, 2010

He wants Beef but I make Beet

I never buy beef.  I can’t stand cooking it on the stove (I will then be serving Charlie shoe leather) and right now our grill is out of service (it has been for WAY too long but they no longer make replacement parts for the model we have since we got the thing almost 7 years ago).  Anyway, I do occasionally buy ground beef and make my main squeeze a meatloaf – he is the only one who eats it so I usually make him a mini loaf. 

When I saw Meghann’s Black Bean & Beet burgers, I thought they would be a good option for a Charlie dinner.  He happens to really like beets. 

I made a couple changes:

I left out the onion (I did not have any onion on hand), I added a couple tablespoons of walnuts, a little dried cilantro and chili powder




After I processed all the ingredients I put the mixture in a bowl and let it chill for a little while.  When I was ready to make his dinner, I formed the bean & beat mixture into four patties. 




The color kind of looks like beef. 




To get a nice crusty exterior, I sprayed the patties with olive oil before baking.  When I gave them a flip, I sprayed the other side as well.



Charlie said that the burgers were good but then last night he ordered beef wellington when he went out for a business dinner with his colleagues.  Maybe the beet burgers made him crave the real thing??  Well at least he got his meaty meal and it was at a pretty fancy place too.  He should be the food blogger here, he gets to eat way more exciting food than I do.  D and I just ate a Trader Joe’s frozen pizza which he did not like.  This morning when he saw daddy he told him that I fed him pizza with radishes on it.  It was spinach, not sure where he got radish from. 

I’ve been with Charlie for almost 10 years now and I will give him credit – he eats whatever I feed him as long as it is not whole wheat pasta or brussels sprouts.  He never complains that he does not get meat for dinner every night.  He is pretty content with pasta or even a big salad.  That’s why I’ve kept him around.  That and he is also kind of nice to look at.  Hey honey there are still 3 more patties in the fridge with your name on them.  You know what you will be eating this weekend. 

Happy Friday!!!


Angie @ Real Food, Real Faith said...

Beet burgers- very interesting! I was vegan for a little over a year, and just recently started eating some meat again (mostly turkey and chicken), but haven't felt brave enough for red meat... or really even wanted it.

Did you ever notice a correlation with beef and stomach issues? I've read that red meat is particularly hard to digest, and I did notice I'd get awful cramping after eating it. I think that's made my aversion even stronger! That and I think the smell of it is disgusting :)

Sammie said...

Most definitely. I do not eat red meat for that reason. I find it very hard to digest. I will occasionally have chicken or turkey which seem to be a little nicer to my system. I was never a big beef eater anyways - I don't enjoy the texture or the taste.

Meghann said...

Yours look so much prettier than mine!! That's it I'm buying a new food processor this weekend! lol

whatkateate said...

those are so colorful! im kind of scared of cooking with beets - i should take the leap!

Anonymous said...

love your blog a lot but i was just wondering why you hardly ever eat the things you cook- like the beet burgers. i know you have a lot of digestive issues which i can certainly empathize with but is it ever like a weight/calorie thing that keeps you from joining in?

Lindsay Cotter said...

My husband Loves beets! I must try this recipe. Glad I found your blog. Great gluten free recipes!