Monday, February 1, 2010

Yoplait goes Greek

I am a huge fan of Greek style yogurt.  I love it’s rich and creamy consistency and the best part is the whopping protein punch you get from just one cup (or in this particular case 6oz container). 

I recently spotted a new product on the shelf  - Yopliat Greek yogurt.  I just had to try it. 




I always look for the rBST/rBGH free label – that’s the stuff that causes havoc to my skin.  




VERDICT: very good and quite tangy – more so than most brands.  I am usually a Chobani girl which has very little tang (at least in my opinion).  It was not as thick as other brands but still much more body to it than regular yogurt.  I would definitely buy it again. 

I am always excited to try out new products (that agree with my tummy and skin).  There were also flavored Yoplait Greek yogurts – maybe I’ll give one a shot next time.

Have you tried this new product?  If so, what did you think? 

I hope you are enjoying your day. 


Kath said...

COOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till greek yogurt is totally mainstream and hopefully the price comes down!

Pursuit of Healthfulness said...

I had the blueberry kind with high expectations... was fairly disappointed. But, I still have the honey variety waiting for me to try!

Actually, I think that the plain kind is the best option, because the blueberry was just too lacking in flavor. I'd rather mix it up on my own!

Connie B said...

oooh haven't seen this yoplait in my store yet! Thanks for the heads up! I love greek yogurt for smoothies!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw that for the first time the other day and was curious and slightly tempted but Brown Cow Greek Yogurt was on time!

Katie said...

I spotted them at the store yesterday and bought one of each. I tried the honey and really liked it. Added fresh blueberries and a little granola for a yummy snack..

Ed said...

If you can find Oikos in your area, try it! It's Organic and quite yummy! The strawberry tastes especially good.

Anonymous said...

Yoplait adds so many unnecessary ingredients (and more sugar) than Fage and I can't figure out why. I'll stick to the real thing.

Anonymous said...

I tried this this morning... I had the strawberry flavor, and though it was good, it can't nearly compare to the taste of Oikos. It is, however, 1/2 the price of Oikos. So, this will probably become my daily yogurt and have Oikos for special days!