Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You can probably tell by now that I am a huge fan of dairy products.  Milk is just not one of them.  I’ve never been one down a glass of cold moo juice – even as a kid my mom forced me to (my sis is the total opposite, she drinks the stuff like I drink water).  There was a time (not so very long ago), when I cut dairy out of my diet because I thought that it was bugging my belly.  I was miserable without my beloved tangy plain yogurt and Swiss cheese.  Thankfully, when I started eating it again my tummy has been able to handle it  just fine.   

I have walked past the milk section of Whole Foods more times than I can count and I always admire the Kefir but never buy it.  Why?  Not sure.  Maybe because I don’t really use milk – I am a big almond milk junkie.  Yes, I drink a warm cup of almond joy almost every evening now.  Remember my little nightcap that I came up with.  I am addicted.




Lifeway Kefir has great nutrition stats and it is made from cows that have not been treated with growth hormones.  It does not contain as much protein as Greek yogurt but more than 8 oz of milk. 





Last night I combined 1 cup Kefir, 1/2 a cup oatmeal, cinnamon and stevia.  I let that mixture get to know one another over night.  This morning I added a banana and PB2.  Oh BABY!!!!  These overnight oats were fabulous.  The Kefir got absorbed and the oatmeal was super soft and creamy.  I do love my warm oats but this concoction totally rocked my morning. 





Have you tried kefir?  What did you think?  I saw the flavored ones too but they have too much sugar in them for me.  I can’t start my day with that much sweetness – I would be jittery by noon.   I really love the plain variety, I bet it would make a great addition to a smoothie too.  I would love to hear how you used it. 

Today is a not so ordinary Wednesday due to the snow storm that is on its way.  D’s school got canceled and my hubs is working out of the house today.  His drive home this evening might have been pretty fearful so he just decided to avoid the citation all together and stay home.  He really does get lots done when he is here – D and I try to leave him be.  Speaking of my 2 rascals – they are very quite I need to go see what they are up to.  I hope you have a great day. 

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