Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love When Food Tastes this Good

This is not the first time that this particular product is appearing on RWR – the last time I really did not give my approval.  Well I am here to tell you – as a non-chip lover – these babies are KILLER!!!!  Yes I live with a man who consumes mass quantities of those little crispy spuds – but not this girl.  I adore the tortilla chip variety – I think it has to do with that yummy corn flavor – very wholesome. 

If you have not tried Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato tortilla chips yet – well go out and get yourself a darn good treat.  Even the D man loves them.




They are a little salty (but not overly so – trust me on this – my tongue knows), which helps bring out that oh so wondrous sweet potato flavor.




I had some last night with one of my famous salads.  Dinner was superb.  




I’ve sampled a few of the other flavors (Multigrain, Buffalo, The Works and Jalapeño), which were all pretty tasty, but the Sweet Potato are in a league all their own.  Just writing about them is making my mouth water.  Ok time to go find a snack.

I hope your having a good day.  I just got back from tackling some dust bunnies – they don’t stand a chance against me.  I am vicious with a vacuum. 


Marianne said...

Here is a link for a coupon for Food should taste Good products (only good for 24 hours so print now!!). Just found it via my facebook page and thought of you since you posted about it today :-)

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