Monday, February 22, 2010

His Surprise

Over a month of preparing finally paid off.  I threw Charlie a surprise 40th birthday party on Saturday night at Fireflies BBQ (one of his favorite restaurants).




Sorry the photos of his entrance are blurry.  For some reason the flash was not going off and it was not one of those moments where I could do a retake. 






He had no clue that we were all going to be there.  He thought that he was just having dinner with 2 of his buds. 





I was able to wrangle up a decent group of friends and family to celebrate Charlie’s entrance into the big

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Here is D with Charlie’s dad and sister.





Some friends that attended Charlie had not seen for quite some time.  I know it really meant a lot to him that they were there. 





The D man ate a burger and also tried some of Daddy’s ribs – which he LOVED.  He told me that he wants to have his next birthday party there so he can get the ribs.  Too funny!!!!  Daddy now has another BBQ buddy. 





I had to give my little sweet tart a big high five for keeping the big secret.  He overheard me talking about the party to my sis so I let him in on the details.  I was really nervous that he would spill the beans but he didn’t. Everything went just as I had planned. 

I hope you had a great weekend. 

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Charlie said...

Thanks, honey. You really had me suckered.