Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Healthy Haven

The last time my stash of PB2 was getting low I searched the web to see if any stores in my area actually stocked it on the shelf.  Well I stumbled upon a little hidden gem called Healthy Haven – an entire store dedicated to gluten free products - in Tiverton RI.  Charlie works in the area of the store so he stopped there last month to pick up my beloved powder.  I have been wanting to check the place out for myself so we had a little road trip on Saturday after D's karate class.

It is a small store but offers quite a selection of gluten free goods.  If I was still avoiding gluten I would definitely hit this place often. 

We purchased a few things to try.




These veggie chips are great!!!  So crispy and light.  They are kind of like a very crispy rice cake.  LOVE EM!!!! 




Charlie picked out Bove’s Marinara Sauce.  Ever since he saw it on the Food Network he has been wanting to try it.  He really likes it and D is a huge fan too.  He ate a pizza made with this sauce yesterday and requested it on his pasta for lunch this afternoon AND he wants it on ravioli for dinner. I’d say my little guy digs it – he usually is not that into sauce.  The traditional way to serve him pasta is with olive oil.  Nothing wrong with a little variety – trust me his diet definitely lacks it.




And of course I could not go there and not get more PB2 – this stuff makes my oats happy every morning.  Sometimes I have them both but usually I just have the Original PB2. 





There were plenty of other things that I could have purchased but I was trying to be conservative with the spending and not go too wild. I am just thrilled to be able to buy PB2 off the shelf instead of always having to order it – shipping is $$$.  I think the cost to ship it is almost as much as the product.  Healthy Haven does charge more for it but I am still saving money by purchasing it there. 

I hope you are having a great day.  Happy Groundhog Day!! 


tam said...

Ah finally I know what PB2 is! I see it everywhere on blog world but never new we can't get it here in the uk x x

Angie said...

I had no idea PB2 was available in stores! Sadly the closest place is over an hour away, but still. I know people that travel there so they can possibly pick me up a jar :) Somehow actually ordering it off the internet just seems like so much more work.