Monday, February 8, 2010

A First For D

This Saturday D had his first sleepover at Rocco’s.  He did great and had lots of fun.  When I asked him if he missed us he said “I didn’t because I was having too much fun and did not have a chance to think about you guys”.  Well I think he did miss Mommy because he was stuck to me like glue after we picked him up on Sunday. I’m not complaining since I did miss him BUNCHES!!  Charlie and I had the house all to ourselves for most of Saturday (D went right over to R’s house after karate).  We kept commenting on how quiet or homestead is without or little man running around.  I am so used to his jibber jabber and consent chaos – I can’t imagine my life without it.  I am really happy that he felt comfy sleeping at Auntie’s house – hopefully he will be up for it again. 

Charlie & I headed to a surprise 40th birthday party for one of his friends.  This friend also happens to work with my hubs and often partakes in the goodies that he brings in.  So I asked Charlie to find out his favorite so that I could make some for the party.  He said that he loved the Congo bars that I made a while ago so that’s what I made. 

I followed a recipe out of my William Sonoma Dessert Book. 




The dry ingredients.




Butter and brown sugar.



When the two become one – all nice and fluffy. 




Then the eggs join the party.





Now in goes the dry goods. 




Followed by butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and …………..








After some time in the oven these bad boys look good to go. 




We left before the birthday boy had sampled one so I will find out today if he enjoyed them. 

Today is my main squeezes birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!!  He is actually 40 years old today.  I can’t believe it.  I met him when he was just 30.  He’s still just as handsome if not more so. 

After the gym this morning I hopped over to the bagel shop a few doors down and got my honey a marble bagel with cream cheese, lox and red onion – one of his favorite combos on a bagel.  I got the D man a plain bagel with cream cheese and myself their honey wheat variety.  A bagel after a run really does the trick – it stays with me for hours.  I toasted mine, topped one half with a slice of Swiss cheese and the other with sunflower seed butter & jelly.  Served on my fine china – tres chic!!! 



Bronx Bagel makes superb bagels.  The crust was so chewy but the interior was soft.  Such a great start to my day.  Now I must get a move on it – so many things to do today. 

  I hope you have a great Monday. 

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ratzxfink said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubs! hope you all have a great celeb! :)