Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Corner Grill

For Valentine’s Day my two lovies took me out to lunch for my favorite meal – PIZZA!!!  We ventured into Worcester to The Corner Grill.  It is a very quaint shop with simple yet funky decor.




The D man was pretty famished when we arrived.  He was a little impatient while we waited for our pizza to be delivered to the table. 





We started with one of the most amazing salads that I have ever tasted.

Fatoush Salad
Chopped romaine ♦ tomato ♦onion ♦ cucumber ♦ feta ♦ calamata olives ♦ lemon-mint dressing ♦ toasted pita chips

I am pretty sure I ate way more of this than Charlie – it was so good I couldn’t resist.




The pizza’s that we ordered were:

Sweet Tomato & Basil Pie
Red sauce ♦ tomatoes ♦ sweet fresh basil ♦ cheese


Oh man the sauce on this one was out of this world.  Check out the super thin crust – that is a sure winner in my book.  In my opinion, the thinner the better.  I really do not think that they could get the crust any thinner without it turning into a floppy mess – which this was not.   




The other pie we ordered was:

Baked Potato Pie
Potatoes ♦ caramelized onions ♦ bacon ♦ scallions ♦ garlic butter ♦ cheese


We had them leave the onions and bacon off of half so that I could try it out.  I am not a fan of bacon and onions and me are not friends – they cause extreme tummy issues.  This one was good but not as good as the Sweet Basil.  Charlie thought this one was just as yummy – but that is his opinion and he does love anything that contains bacon.   I did like that the potatoes still had a bit of firmness to them. 




The Corner Grill earns an A+ in my book.  That fabulous crispy crust will definitely have me going back for more. 

After lunch we headed to the mall to walk off some of the fullness.  While were we there D spotted this crazy activity that he really wanted to try – JUST NOT ALONE.  It was called Euro Bobbles.  The video is not us but it shows just how zany these things are.

That is me in the bubble getting inflated and D already rolling around in his.




Moving around in the bubble is not as easy as it looks.







It was really difficult to stand up.  Is D taking a nap???  I think we pooped him out. 





  I fell A LOT!!! 







I am pretty sure that I made a fool of myself in front of all the spectators. 






It was all for my little man.  He felt much more comfy in his bubble with mommy by his side. 





We actually walked away from it on our first attempt because he chicken out.  He thought about it a little more and decided he really wanted to try it.  As long as I was in one too, of course.  We both had a lot of fun and he even wants to go back and try it again. 

Not sure if I will be posting tomorrow.  My sis and I are taking the boys to an exhibit out of state and I am not sure when we will be back.  I will take lots of photos – well, as long as its allowed. 

Have a great night.   


kasondra said...

hey girl. I love the corner grill. I went there all the time as a teenager! I didn't know we lived so close to each other!!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

OK, those bubbles look hard. Bet it would be a great workout.

Ha ha, I always the say the way to any man's heart is with bacon. :)

Pizza looked awesome Sammie. CD and I always go out for an Italian lunch every Valentine's Day too. Great minds think alike! :)

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whatkateate said...

that salad looks so tasty! i love greek inspired dishes. sounds like you & the boys had a fabulous day :)

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

Wowsers that looks so yummy! I love tomato basil pizza and that looks incredible.

Look at those balloon things made me claustrophobic! I started hyperventilating just looking at it!

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