Friday, February 5, 2010

Bread and Butter

So this bread recipe is definitely not for those who are watching there waistline – my main squeeze obviously is not one of them.  I’m not saying that he should – I rather find him to be a hunka hunka burning love.  He has been patiently waiting for me to make this loaf of buttery delight – the last time I made it he polished it off in a mere 2 days. 

What is this thing that gets my honey all excited – BRIOCHE.  




I am a firm believer in The Bread Bible.  All of Rose’s recipes I have made have turned out super fabulous.  Unfortunately most of them were pre-blog.  So I guess I will just have to start baking more bread and documenting them as I go – my honey will gladly gobble up the goods. 

This loaf starts out with the sponge method.  She highly recommends this in order to develop the flavor. 

I love seeing the sponge bubble through the flour blanket – it’s almost magical. 




After a few hours of resting you add the cold eggs and AN ENTIRE STICK of softened butter.  See I told you this was not a light recipe. 




The first rise occurs on the counter (in a well greased bowl).  After it turns into a pillow of beauty, you give it a few business letter turns (all my bread baking buddies will know what that is).  Next it gets wrapped in plastic, placed in a zipper baggie and into the fridge to chill out overnight. 

More magic happens during that time and you wake up to one big doughy puff in the morning. 




Into the pan goes the sticky and rather delicate dough.  I am not used to working with such a soft dough but I managed without having to add much extra flour

It rises in the pan for a few hours – probably would rise faster if I did not live in an igloo – we are stingy with our heat. 




And here is what all the fuss is about. 




The crumb turned out perfectly –  a little flaky but still soft. 




No lie – he ate about 1/3 of it last night.  I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head while he was consuming.  I felt like I should have left the room and let him have some alone time with it. 




I’m gonna guess that this little gem will be gone in a day or so.  He was already talking about eating it when he gets home tonight.  Well Honey it is all yours – Happy Birthday!!  I made this instead of a cake – per his request of course.  His birthday is on Monday.  Guess how old he is going to be??  I can’t even believe it myself.



My handsome guys – love them!!!!  I’ll reveal his age later – I really want to see your guesses. 


Till next time my friends.  Have a fabulous Friday! 


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess he's going to be 40 even though he looks younger

Katherine Harver said...

He's turning 35 or 36 ,

Pops said...

Ah, the birthday of my first born son. I remember it well, it was 1970 and, back then, only us "hippies" were present in the delivery room. Most amazing day of my life. And it was also my father's birthday, he was so happy to have his first grandson born on his his birthday.

Happy Birthday Son,
Dad (with Mom looking over my shoulder).

sara (effortless health) said...

I used to love baking bread with my mom, but I havent eaten bread in over a year!

Anonymous said...

bread looks awesome! I would guess that he's turning 38?

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE fan of brioche, and this loaf looks lovely :) I wish I could bake more often, but alas, I'm a college student stuck in a dorm (I would love to live off campus so I can cook, but my school requires us to live on campus). Oh well, spring break is going to be me and one bumpin' kitchen!