Friday, February 12, 2010

Bar Stash

Oh how I love my bar stash.  Without those little packages of yumminess this mommy would be one cranky crankster – you don’t want to know me if my tummy is rumbling. 

Do you like how I keep them all organized inside an empty tea box?




I can’t stand when the bars come flying out of the cabinet every time I open it so this keeps the self tidy. 




What does my stash consist of?  

Nature’s Promise bars – these are from Stop & Shop’s organic line.




The ever so popular Larabar. I’m all out of the Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor. I must find a store close to my homestead that carries that flavor – it ROCKS!!!!  Why doesn’t every Whole Foods stock the same selection?




A few random bars picked up on a whim – Vega Whole Food Vibrancy bar & a Nature’s Path WEIL bar





And lastly Pure Bars.  I’m a big fan of the Choc Chip Trail Mix flavor, I love the little crunchy bits of raw cacao nibs. 





I am not the only one who digs into the bar stash.  Just this morning Charlie was looking for a snack to take to work since he had to be on site SUPER early (he had to leave the house when it was still dark).  Good thing there was a Cashew Cookie Larabar in the box (he can’t eat many of the others since they contain almonds or pistachios). 

Do you have a bar stash?  What is your favorite brand?  How often do you eat bars?  I eat at least one a day sometimes two depending on what I am doing.  When I am on the run, I find it super easy to toss one into my bag just in case my belly starts talking while I am out. 

My sidekick and I are off to the gym – time to get the blood flowing.  My legs are itching for a run.  Oh and the snow we were supposed to get was kind of a flop.  We only got a few inches when they were predicting close to 10.  I can’t believe they canceled school.  I am hoping that the ice will melt so that I can hit the pavement this weekend.  I really can’t wait for Spring – I much rather run outside. 

Happy Friday!! 


itsawrapteacher said...

Larabars are my absolute favorite: Cashew Cookie and banana bread. Luna comes a close second.

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

yeah I totally love having a stash, today is grocery shopping day so I'm out right now but putting them in a tea box is down right genius! I always have them come crashing out of the pantry or worse, find them after a few weeks shoved to the back.

I'm totally doing this.

runsarah said...

I keep my bars in a big box on top of the fridge! I like just pulling out random ones for lunches - usually Kashi, Clif Z-Bar or Annies snacks.