Friday, January 8, 2010

Time on the Ice

I have a new past time – ICE SKATING.  There is an indoor rink in the next town over from me so I have been heading there for a little time on the ice while the D Man is at school.  At first I was renting skates which turned out to be not so comfy.  Last week I was able to purchase a pair of my own and they are much kinder to my feet and ankles.  Today I took along my IPod and listened to some of my favorite tunes while I skated around for an hour.  I have just enough time to go back home and thaw out with a warm cup of tea before I have to pick D up from school.  Even though I freeze my butt off, I enjoy the alone time. I try to relax and not think about anything that might be bothering me. 

After I retrieved my little sweet tart, we hit up Whole Foods for a few necessities (and non-necessities).  I discovered this new bar in the ever so plentiful bar isle.  I think the bars of chocolate on the wrapper is what really sold me (and the fact that it is chocolate but does not contain soy). 




It looks like a chocolate dipped coco crispy treat.  The texture was exactly that and I really liked it.  Kind of chewy and a little sweet but not over the top.  I would definitely buy this again. 




I also spotted a big container of various sprouts that was screaming “try me”.  I have been on quite a salad kick the past few weeks and this bunch of goodies looked like the perfect accompaniment. 




I topped a bed of lettuce with the sprouts (love the sprouted chick peas), hummus, celery and a drizzle of PB2 that I mixed up rather thin as a dressing.  The sprouts were good but every so often I would get one that was not so crisp – kind of felt like I was chewing on gritty sand.  I still have a ton left so looks like I need to sift through the mix and find the bad ones so that I don’t end up with another mouth full of pebbles. 





Charlie is upstairs tucking in our little monkey – he is a sleepy monster tonight.  We will be up bright and early for karate. As for the rest of the weekend, I am not sure what is on the agenda.  I hope that you all have a great night. See you later. 


LindsayRuns said...

What an awesome way to have alone time! We had a rink near us when I was a kid, I loved it.

Diana said...

What a great way to exercise! I am always deathly sore after ice skating but could be that I just majorly suck at it and am tense the whole time. haha