Friday, January 22, 2010

Since Last Friday

Wow what a week!!!  So sorry to have been MIA but we have had a little sicky on our hands at my homestead.  Poor D has a cold – guessing he got a germy germ from the museum on Saturday.  There is one thing that my child really needs work on – keeping his fingers out of his mouth.  When something scares him or when he is deep in thought (or veging), he has a very bad habit of putting his fingers in his mouth.  We kept telling him to keep his dirty fingers away from his face while we were venturing through the exhibits with the mass of people but he did not listen.  He started getting sick on Sunday and by Wednesday it was full on. 

My week has been soooooo busy with watching my nephew, babysitting at the gym and then I had my by-weekly cleaning gig yesterday which took me 3 hours.  I found a little time to actually spruce up my own house on Wednesday while the D Man relaxed.  The winter really does a number on the floors in my house – that and Mr. Otto. 

I have not been eating anything too fancy – same old “Sammie” stuff. 

Post run bowl of oaty goodness.  Yup, getting my runs in and still working on shaving off some time for the big race.  I managed to run 8.25 miles in 67:40 and a 9.25 miles in 75:35.  At least I am keeping a static pace.  This Sunday I will try to get in another long run – NOT 13.1 miles maybe a something a little less. 




Still loving the Weetabix, yogurt, pumpkin and sunflower seed butter combo.  I find something I like and I stick with it for a while.  This one is definitely a keeper. 




For some protein I have been eating lots of egg whites – sometimes with a slice of swiss cheese as seen here. 




I’ve had a few dates the past few days – the fruity ones not an actual “date”.  Both Charlie and I agree we are well over due for a date night.  These guys are stuffed with cashews but I also like to eat them with a little dab of sunflower seed butter. 




And of course my glorious salads – they really are artwork on my plate.



This was my first time home alone since last Friday and boy did I need it.  I know it is only a few hours but the stillness in my house is rather calming.  That stillness is about to end – I need to go pickup my little tornado.  I hope you all are well.  I still pop by and check in on my favorite blog sisters but other than that I am away from my computer lots more these days.

Have a great weekend.  We might be having Rocco sleep over tomorrow (or should I say a no-sleep over).

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