Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Packets Needed

I often like to end my day with something nice and warm to drink – usually a cup of decaf tea.  Well the other day I was intrigued by HEAB’s suggestion to use Almond Breeze as a good substitute for hot cocoa.  I avoid those convenient little packet varieties since they usually contain too much sugar, some sort of milk ingredients and sometimes soy.  It’s not that I avoid dairy it is the type of dairy that I am very picky about.  I only eat/drink dairy that contains no added growth hormones.  If the label does not say so then I don’t put it in my body.  Soy on the other hand is a definite no no, it bothers my tummy and wreaks havoc to my skin. As far as sugar goes, I try to limit the amount of white sugar in my diet because it makes me really wacky if I have too much.  Seriously I bounce off the walls, Charlie can attest to it. 

Unfortunately Chocolate Almond Breeze contains soy as does their Original Almond Milk.  Lucky for me Pacific Natural Foods makes a soy free Unsweetened Almond Milk which I was able to purchase at my local Whole Foods.  Now I just needed to come up with a way to get the cocoa part of my hot and yummy beverage.

As you can see I was successful, but did it taste like hot cocoa?  Oh yeah!!  This is a winner. 




I took 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder and mixed it with 1 tablespoon warm water until it was a thin syrup consistency.  I then added stevia to the chocolate liquid. 

I heated 1 cup of Almond Milk in the microwave (you could do this on the stove top if you so wish).  Once the milk was hot I added the cocoa syrup and stirred till well combined.  The almond milk gets a bit frothy when heated which I found very pleasant to my palate. 




My cup of cocoa was delicious, contained no funky ingredients (most of the packets have weirdo things in them), very little sugar and no soy or dairy.  You can add as much cocoa powder and stevia that you wish and make it super chocolaty and sweet.  Mine was perfect and I will be enjoying this warm and cozy beverage as my evening treat more often.

There you have it – no packets needed to make a decent cup of hot cocoa.  Thanks Heather for the inspiration. 

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