Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can’t Handle GU

Hello friends!!  How is your weekend?  Our started out not so good.  The D man seemed to be feeling better yesterday so we ventured to karate only to have to leave early since his ear was hurting.  He had not made one comment about ear pain up until that point.  D has never had an ear infection so I knew that if he was complaining about it then his ear really must be bugging him.  We made the choice to take him to CVS’s Minute Clinic since the first available appointment at his pediatrician wasn’t for hours.  The clinic was very busy and we ended up having quite a wait but the service was really wonderful.  He does have an ear infection.  Very convenient that the pharmacy is right there.  We got his meds and took the little sweet tart home to rest for the remainder of the day.  We did not have a sleepover with Rocco seeing as D really needed to get to bed early and we know how little sleep they get when they bunk together. 

(sorry about the blurry photo – it was take with D’s Nintendo DSi)



He seems to be doing much better today.  We are keeping him occupied with activities inside – nothing like PlayDoh to pass the time. 





This morning I decided to try another 13.1 mile run and see if I could shave some time off my last try at it.  I still have a little over a month until my race.  I bought a GU Energy Gel pack last week to try since the Shot Blocks seemed to work well for me last Sunday.  I ate 1/2 of the GU about 5 minutes before I set out on my run. This flavor does contain caffeine but I did not think that it would bother me.  I also packed 2 Shot Blocks to take sometime during my run (if I felt like I needed them). 



I knew that if I could keep my pace at about an 8 minute mile then I could finish a few minutes faster than last week.  I made sure to watch my pace and I was keeping it at about a 7 – 7 1/2 minute mile and feeling pretty comfy – WOO HOO!!  At mile 8 I decided to eat one of the Shot Blocks and save the other for later if I needed a little boost at the end.  I was still feeling good. 

Well at mile 10 my stomach started to cramp up and I felt really ill but I stuck it out and chugged along.  I managed to finish in 1 hour and 41 minutes – I shaved 10 minutes from my last time!!!!  I will spare you the details but let me just say that I will not be using the GU Gel again.  I am pretty sure the caffeine was what did me in.  My stomach is still not feeling 100% and it has been hours since my run.  I am sticking with the Shot Blocks since they worked well last week and did not make me feel like I needed to find a potty ASAP. 

I am really pumped about my time.  I am not experiencing any post run soreness and I really feel like I have been able to improve my pace without my body feeling over worked.

So that’s what is happening around my homestead.  Time to go get more water and chug a lug – I am feeling really thirsty. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 


Kath said...

My gosh you are FAST!!!!!!!!

Scott (scott @ said...

Sounds like a great run! I wanted to reach out to you from Outside PR (representatives for GU) to let you know that GU Energy does offer a variety of products that are caffeine- free. We would love to send you some to try if you would like! I hope your tummy is feeling better and look forward to hearing from you :)

buckstargobi said...

When you use the shot bloks do you eat a couple before run or only during your run?