Monday, January 11, 2010

A Full Night of Sleep

The key to getting a full night of sleep in my house is to let these two have some fun and expend lots of energy.  Obviously in this photo they are playing a video game but trust me there was lots of activity happening at my house yesterday.  D and Rocco were inseparable this weekend spending two days in a row together. 




I was not the only one who got a good night of rest.  My little sweet tart stayed in his room all night and did not wake up at all.  He woke up this morning in such a pleasant mood.  Lets hope that it lasts all day.  He has the day off from school so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a chipper sidekick. 




He would much rather make faces for the camera than smile.



sillyfaces sillyfaces2


For breakfast this morning I made a fluffy bowl of oatmeal in the microwave.  I mixed together 1/2 a cup of liquid egg whites along with water, cinnamon, stevia and a 1/2 cup of oats all in a big glass bowl – no chance for overflow.  I find that if I cook oatmeal on the stove with the egg whites they stick to the pot too much and the pot is rather difficult to clean.  The micro method works so much better for me.

Once the mix was cooked to the perfect consistency (which took about 5 minutes), I scooped it out into a clean bowl.

I added a banana and PB2 to the top – PERFECTION!!!! 




I am not sure what is the plan for our day.  I have some things that I need to do for Girl Scouts and would really like to discuss them with my sis.  So I might see if D and I can head over to her house this afternoon.  Maybe D will get lucky and have another afternoon with his best buddy.  I am supposed to teach the girls about healthy eating and food safety at the meeting on Thursday night.  I have some work to do seeing as whatever I come up with has to hold their attention for at least 20 minutes.  They are only 10 years old and find long lectures BORING.

I hope you have a great day.

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