Thursday, January 28, 2010

Always Check the Battery

Good morning blog friends.  Happy Thursday!  Is it me, or is this week moving at a snails pace?  That is rare for me since my weeks usually seem to whizz by.  Maybe it is because I get to play teacher at the Girl Scout meeting tonight and I am a bit nervous.  Not that I should be – a group of 10 year olds should be easy to amuse.  They really hate lectures so I am kind of running thoughts through my head so that I am well prepared as to not bore them.  The topic of this evening is healthy eating and food safety (as in keep your hands and work space tidy and germ free).  My sis will be there to help me – thanks goodness, she’s a real pro at this stuff.

This morning I was up and out the door to hit the gym at my usually time – still dark when I am out and about.  I did 8.35 miles in 67:25 – still working on speed.  I also did some back, legs, glutes, shoulder and ab exercises with free weights.  I ended with a good stretch – pigeon pose for about 3 minutes per leg!! 

Breakfast was the usual bowl of oats.  Can’t really start my day with anything else as I am sure you all get by now. 

Unfortunately, when I went to use my camera the battery was dead.  OOPS!!!  I should have checked it last night and I didn’t.  So you get a real crummy webcam photo – sorry.  If you need a real fancy photo just look at all my other breakfasts – they all pretty much look the same.




Even though it looks like a bowl of muck it really hit the spot.  Now that I am with a full tummy I must go tend to my house and child.  I hope you have a fabulous day. 

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whatkateate said...

good luck! i think youll nail it though - you know a ton about healthy food & living. plus tahts such an interesting topic to chat about! have a great time!