Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Know How to Party

Yesterday was D’s Karate party where he and a bunch of his friends gathered for some serious chaos.  ALL of them had a blast.  I am so glad that we chose to have such an interactive party. It really allowed the kiddos to be goofy and just be kids. 

My mom was not able to attend so therefore I took TONS of photos.  Sit back and enjoy the show.  This is for you Mimi.



It is hard to tell by the picture, the kids were trying to run under and not get tagged by a rope that the teacher was swinging in a loop.  Lots of giggles during this activity.


party16 party17


Each kid got to break a board.  It was really cute to see the reaction on their faces when the board finally broke it two.  It was like “WOW, I did that”.  



After working up an appetite it was cupcake time.  The Star Wars toothpicks were a huge hit.




Time for gift opening.  He got lots of Star Wars themed gifts, books, Legos and a few games.


party27party28 party30 party32 party29party31


They sat still long enough and needed to return to their craziness.  I bet all the kids slept good last night. 



D really did have a great time and kept telling us how much fun his party was. 


Now what have I been up to? 

Sorry that there are not any food pictures for you. I have just been eating the normal “Sammie” things.  Although, I had some Wallaby yogurt yesterday and a piece of Swiss cheese and there were no evil demons on my face when I woke up.  I might be in the clear to eat dairy on a regular basis again.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

On a running note, I did a nice 9 mile run yesterday and a 10.2 mile run this morning.  I decided to sleep in a bit today – 7:30, whoop, whoop!!  You all know that is late for this mama - I am usually up at 4.  So I had breakfast and coffee before I left – not the smartest idea.  I was not even a mile into my run when my bladder felt VERY full.  I was able to hang on for about 4.5 miles and make a pit stop at the Police Station.  After that it was smooth sailing.  Next time, no coffee before I run.  One of the good things about running super early (by that I mean before 6 AM), I never have coffee that early and never have that problem.  Lesson learned. 

This evening we are heading to my in-law’s for family gathering for the D Man.  He’s going to be partying for 3 days. Tomorrow is his actual birthday and we are bringing popsicles to school for yet another small celebration. 

I hope you guys have been enjoying your weekend. 

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