Monday, December 21, 2009

The Secret Ingredient

The D man got me up super early on Sunday which usually would not be all that bad but this weekend I was rather ill and in need of extra zzzzz’s.  For some reason he had pancakes in mind for breakfast. I staggered into the kitchen and broke out my trusty America’s Test Kitchen binder of recipes. I can always count on ATK for a winner.

I’ve never been a fan of pancake mixes since whipping up batter from scratch takes no time at all.  I have made my fare share of pancakes but never have I made ones as fluffy as I did yesterday.  The secret ingredient – BUTTERMILK.  At least that is what America’s Test Kitchen says. 




D requested white and semi-sweet chocolate chip pancakes.  I was in no mood to argue so that is what he got.  I ended up with 7 decent size pancakes – we made extra so daddy could have some too.  Charlie is not really the biggest fan of pancakes but he admitted that these were the best ones he has ever had.  He kept commenting on how fluffy and light in texture they were.  He tends to find pancakes too dense for his liking and after just one never wants seconds. That was not the case with these babies.  He gobbled up 2 with a big smile on his face.



From now on, I am going to make sure that I use buttermilk when making pancakes.  It really does seem to make a big difference in the final product.


So we ended up with a whopper of a snow storm. I am pretty sure we got over a foot of the dreaded white stuff.  I was way to sick to go out and romp in it with D yesterday but he and daddy got all bundled up and had some wintery fun.  I am still feeling a little under the weather but not as bad as I was feeling yesterday.  Hopefully the germs are planning on heading out soon. 

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Let the countdown to Christmas begin – right?  I know D is super excited. 


Erica said...

oh gosh girl! I hope you feel better. The pancakes look FANTASTIC! Something sweet for breakfast is always a nice treat!!

Sarah said...

Hope you are feeling better! I love the ATK books, their recipes always turn out well.

tam said...

I had pancakes today! So good yours look delish too x