Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maple Cinnamon Coffee

When I spotted this bag of flavored coffee at the store yesterday, I had to have it. You can actually smell the maple aroma through the package.  I have never heard of Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters before which happens to be a local company in South Easton – not far from where I grew up. 

I did my usual french press method for brewing the coffee and it turn out fabulous.  With one packet of NuStevia powder, I was in coffee lovers bliss.




When I was at the gym this morning I kept thinking about that coffee.  Now that I have tasted it’s greatness, I am looking forward to my cup tomorrow. 

With my coffee I had a very messy looking bowl of blueberry banana oatmeal.  After a 7 mile run, I did not care what it looked like, just that it made it into my tummy.  I had to cook my oats in the microwave today since I needed to be out the door at 8:15 for my weekly babysitting shift.  Instead of cooking the oats with the banana mixed in, I just added slices to the top along with a dollop of sunflower seed butter.  Twas delish!!! 




It was a typical day in the kids room.   Thankfully no one tried to drop off any sicklings – yes, we have mom’s that try to bring their wee-ones in while they are germy. 

When we got home it was definitely time for some food – for D and mommy.  He kept telling me how hungry he was. He had the usual – ravioli and baby carrots with ranch dressing for dipping. 

I had rice cakes topped with almond butter & jelly (I am a complete convert now – I adore AB over PB), an apple, almond cheese and broccoli with black bean spread.




D is now at school and I just made myself a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea – I still have a stash from last year.  I think that I will have and Enjoy Life Bar with it and do a little reading while my house is quiet. 

Have a great day. 

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Erica said...

The coffee sounds fantastic and how awesome are the NuStevia packets? LOVE them. Glad you had a great workout and a nice morning in the kids room. Hope the rest of your day is just as fantastic!