Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He Got a Trim

Hello blogland!  How is your Tuesday? I started mine in my usual fashion – with a super fabulous workout – gym style.  Word is,  there might be more of the dreaded white stuff heading our way tomorrow – yuck!!!!  Are my days of running outside done? Well at least for the next few months.  Have I mentioned that I want to move someplace warm – yes, many times, right? 

Breakfast was a bowl of Banana Strawberry Oat bran. I mixed in a little Liquid Vanilla Stevia – it was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!! 




Late morning, I whisked my sidekick off to the hair salon for a little trim.  For him, not me.  I am still letting this mop of mine grow out.  My hairdresser was shocked at how long my hair has gotten since the last time I saw her – thankfully my hair does grow fast. 




AWWW!!!!  My little man looks so handsome.  Can you believe how grown up he looks?  I am so not ready for him to turn 5. 





When we got home it was lunch time.  I had an apple, rice cakes with sunflower seed butter & jelly and almond cheese.





I needed something green with my meal so I had some chopped zucchini drizzled with Maple Grove Farms Strawberry Balsamic dressing and a dash of fresh cracked black pepper.




I ended lunch with a Cocoa Loco bar (pardon the recycled photo).




D and I had to run to Target for a few necessities. Why can I not go in there and not buy him something?  Seriously, his birthday and Christmas are right around the corner.  I am such a softy.  He collects the Star Wars Titanium Series ships and they had one that he does not have – so I bought it for him.  Yup, he’s a spoiled one. 

It was time for a snack when we got back to the house so I whipped up 1/2 a cup of oatmeal in the micro, sprinkled on a packet of NuStevia & cinnamon and then added a drizzle of almond butter.




That little gem did a good job of holding me over but now my tummy is starting to talk to me so I must go make some dinner. 

What’s on your menu this evening?  Charlie is getting an Orzo Egg concoction that is just coming out of the oven now – smells good, let’s hope it tastes good.  He is usually cool with the recipes that are made off the top of my head. I’ll share the details later – if it is a keeper that is.  

Oh yea, go check out my very first Guest Post.  The very sweet new mommy Heather writes my all time favorite blog so I was super excited when she asked me.  Those 2 recipes were a hit at Thanksgiving.

Have a great evening.


katie said...

Gotta love Nunaturals!

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Maria said...

Cute new look:)

tam said...

What a cutie your little boy is! Great eats by the way x x