Sunday, November 29, 2009

We’ve been having some fun

Boy did the last 4 days whiz by.  Our little family unit sure did have some fun.  We have become quite competitive when it comes to Wii Bowling so we decided to take things to the actual lanes. 







Honestly, I am much better at the video game than the real game – I STINK!!!  No big deal, we had a blast. We are definitely going to have to go bowling more often – outside of our living room that is.

On a foodie note, I have been eating the same old “Sammie” stuff – simple yet delicious. 

Here’s a few in no particular order.











Yeah, I am eating lots of broccoli and I really like it roasted till it is almost charred – weird, I know.

I got a question on my last post (thank you all for them amazing comments) and I wanted to answer it so that you all could hear.  It might be a question that you had been thinking and did not want to ask – please do not hesitate.  I shared my story and am fully prepared to answer any question you have.

The question asked if I was able to breastfeed.  There are a few risks that come with the surgery – loss of sensation and the inability to breastfeed are the two big ones that come to mind.  I did not lose sensation – they actually got a little more sensitive after the 1st surgery.

My answer to the question is – yes and no.  Odd answer, so let me explain.  I produced colostrum and was able to feed that to D when he was born.  Because I’d had a breast reduction I had to meet with a lactation consultant numerous times while I was still in the hospital after the birth.  From her, I kind of got the feeling that bottle feeding was not really supported and I felt pressured to give breastfeeding a try even if it was SUPER difficult on me and my new baby.  He was producing wet diapers so we assumed he was getting his fill.  When we went to his newborn appointment with the pediatrician, however, he had lost weight.  The pediatrician told me to buy a really good breast pump and try to feed him more even if I had to bottle feed him the breast milk.  She was not supportive of the formula option, either. We went out ASAP and bought a $300 dual electric pump.  I hooked that thing up and tried to pump when ever I could, but it wasn’t very productive.  I felt the breast milk come in – for all you non-moms, it takes a few days after the little one is born – so I knew that there was milk in there that needed to come out.  So I continued to do this even when my skin was peeling off my breast and I was bleeding.  I was still trying to get D to latch on and drink directly from me, but every time he would latch on I would cringe because my nipples were so sore.  The pressure I felt from the nurses and doctors made me feel like I just had to stick with it and hope it would get easier.  Well one night (2 weeks after D was born), during a big snow storm, I got really sick.  I had a very high fever, my breast were super hot and felt like rocks to the touch.  I called my doctor and she had me call the fire department so that they could come over and check on me.  There was no way that we were going to be able to venture out in the snow with a newborn.  Thankfully I just had a fever and everything else checked out ok.  The next day I went to my doctor and she told me that I must stop breastfeeding.  I had developed an infection which I think occurred because the milk was basically stuck without a way out.  There were too many of the milk ducts that had been severed.

After that I did go through a period of feeling selfish for having the surgery even though my doctor told me that our society can really put too much pressure on a mom to not bottle feed and I should not feel badly about it at all.  I was just really sick and it was not doing D any good either. 

Even after that hurdle, I would not go back and change my decision to get a reduction.  I am a much happier Sammie and Mommy. 

I hope that answer was not too graphic.

Time to go battle those boys in bowling.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  See you tomorrow.


HeatherBakes said...

Can Brian come live with you guys? He loves bowling and we NEVER go.

Interesting about the breast reduction/feeding issues. Breastfeeding is probably what I'm most nervous about at this point- it seems like every new mom wants to give it a shot but very few people are successful. Most of my friends had to switch over to formula in the first few days.

Loved reading your surgery story, btw!

lisampls said...

sammie, thank you for going into such detail about your attempts and struggles in breastfeeding D. it really gives me a realistic view of what my options may be. i truly appreciate you taking the time to explain what you struggled with.

much love.

Charlie said...

Two straight posts with hot breast action! Nice.

lisampls said...

glad to see you pay close attention to your wife's blog, charlie. oh boy, crack me up!

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