Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ugly Food Lacking Flavor – Any suggestions?

Hello friends.  How was your day? Thank you for the comments complimenting my hair. I did end up covering it with a hat – it was really driving me bananas. D and I ventured out to Target so that I could replace my socks.  I am now in possession of 6 new hole-free pairs.  I like the ones that have the cutesy designs on them – white is too boring. 

Before we left the house we had lunch.  D had ravioli – a staple in his diet. And he also had baby carrots. Yup, that’s right, I have managed to get my picky eater to eat another veggie.  He now eats cucumbers and carrots.  Oh yeah, pickles too – those DO count. 

I had an apple, zucchini, pumpkin and an engish muffin topped with hemp butter.




In an attempt to be a little adventurous and add a different vegetarian protein in my diet, I decided to try my hand at making seitan.  Since I can not eat soy (I have a serious intolerance to it for all you newbies), I have very limited protein sources.  And honestly, too many beans and chick peas is just not tolerable to my system – I can’t win.  I might try to add in eggs again and see if they are a go and possible then I will add back in fish.  I am taking baby steps to see how each protein settles in my tummy.  I am still not very keen on eating meat so no beef, chicken or pork is definitely cool by me. 

I did some searching on the internet for recipes and most of them added soy to the seitan mix and others called for nutritional yeast.  After last weeks hive breakout, I am still a little hesitant  to try nutritional yeast again. I know it was not the hemp because I have eaten the hemp butter twice without any reaction.  So I made very boring seitan – 1 cup vital wheat gluten mixed with 6 oz of Organic Low Sodium Vegetable broth. I formed the “dough” into 4 patties and wrapped each one in it’s own foil packet.  I put them in a steamer basket and steamed them for 20 minutes.  Out came the ugliest blob of protein packet goop on the planet.  I probably could have formed them into more appealing patties if I was not rushing.

So how did it taste?  Well it was a little chewy but not like eating shoe leather. It was actually palatable.  The flavor was very bland. Nothing that a little  dredge in ketchup couldn’t fix.  I will probably try to add some flavor to the mixture before forming the patties next time I make seitan.  I still have 3 more patties – should I eat them?  Well I can always bust out the ketchup.  One patty has a whopping 20 grams of protein – that is almost as much as one full scoop of the rice protein that I use.  I am glad that I gave it a shot.  A little more experimenting is in order.




I also had an apple, zucchini (can you tell the belly friendly foods) and a Rudi’s Sweet Wheat bagel topped with peanut butter and almond butter.

Not the most exciting dinner to look at but it did the trick. 





My honey on the other hand had a very colorful dinner.  I made him Ellie Krieger’s Chinese Chicken Salad.  It was a cinch to put together and it was on the table when he walked in the door. He has plenty of leftovers for lunch for the next few days. 





So have any of you had any experience making seitan?  Would you share the recipe with me please? I know that the premade stuff you can buy at the store has soy in it so that is not an option.  There has to be a way to make it more flavorful.  Any help you can offer me is greatly appreciated. 

Tomorrow is a babysitting day so an early bedtime is definitely in order.  I hope you have a great night.

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Charlotte said...

Hi. I really like your blog. I have never had seitan. I have some issues with soy but can tolerate some tofu or tempeh on an occasional basis. The trick is not to have it every day and not to go over the standard serving size for me. I do eat fish and sometimes eggs though. One day I would like to do a vegan challenge for a month or so just to have that experience. But right now I cannot do without my fish. But I rely on beans, nuts, seeds, fish for my protein, but you only need so much protein anyway (its even in bread!) so I do not worry to much. Do you like hummus (but I guess that is nut-based is it?).