Monday, November 23, 2009

Take Two

Good morning & happy Monday.  I hope you all had  a great weekend. We had some good quality family time here at my homestead. I just love our little family of 3 – well 4, I can’t forget crazy Otto. 

This morning I ventured to the gym for a workout.  I did fit in 2 nice runs over the weekend but I was really looking forward to some strength training today.  I did a little cardio mixer- 20 minutes on the Stairclimber, 25 minute hill climb on the Treadmill and ended with a 15 minute quick run.  I headed into the weight room and had a glorious little session using dumbbells.

I headed home, cleaned off the grime and made a fabulous bowl of Pumpkin Oats.  Since there was not a lot going on in the mix, I decided to try the NuNaturals NuStevia again. I added 2 packets to the pot after cooking the oatmeal. 

This time I could definitely taste the difference. It was rather yummy if I do say so. 




While I prepared my breakfast, D played on the computer - part of our daily routine.





Time to get my little doobie dressed. We need to make a trip to Staples to make copies of the directions to his birthday party – he decided to go with a karate party.  All the kiddies will participate in karate activities led by the owner of D’s karate school. D went to a party there back in April of this year and loved it. He wants to invite ALL his friends from school so this should keep them busy. I can’t even imagine 15 kids crammed into my little house. Thank goodness we have other options. 

I hope you have a great day.


tam said...

That breaky really does look delish! x x

princessvalecia said...

hmmm PB on yoour pumpkin oats??? maybe I should give that a whirl!