Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OD on Vitamin C

Sorry I skipped out on you last night.  I starting getting a sore throat and just wanted to hit the hay early.  I have been pumping some serious vitamin C through my body – ever try Emergen-C?  I love that stuff. It is fizzy and tastes really yummy. 

Dinner last night was a lovely platter of roasted veggies and a Turk’y Burger on an English muffin.  Did you know that broccoli contains oodles of vitamin C?  Good thing I like my greens.




This morning I made a bowl of Blueberry Oats for breakfast.  So warm and delicious.




D and I went to the gym for our weekly babysitting gig.  It wasn’t too busy which is surprising seeing as tomorrow is Turkey Day.  Maybe a lot of people are traveling today in order to avoid traffic tomorrow. 

Lunch was the ever so scrumptious combo if apple, zucchini and cinnamon.




And 2 rice cakes with sunflower seed butter & jelly, almond cheese and the rest of the zucchini & apple.




I am debating on whether or not I should make a dessert to bring along with us to my mother-in-law’s house tomorrow.  I know that she always has plenty of food but I also know how much my main squeeze LOVES my baked goodies.  He kind of hinted toward brownies. 

Are you making anything special for tomorrow?  Or do you have to make the ENTIRE meal? If my house were bigger I would love to have the festivities at my homestead but there is no way we can cram that many people in here.  Maybe someday, if we ever move that is. 

time to get a move on, decisions, decisions


VeggieGirl said...

Every year I'm in charge of the desserts and cranberry sauce, so that's what I'm making :)

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!

Molly said...

I'm making a few vegan options to bring to my grandmother's house. She makes an incredible effort to cater to my veganism, but I like to make things easier. I'm sure inevitably I'll end up consuming a little egg or dairy, but, as MamaPea says, I'm not going to slit my wrists.
I'm going to make a dessert (a vegan peach or apple upside down cake, probably) plus a sweet potato dish, a vegetable dish, and hopefully Gena's cranberry sauce.

Mama Pea said...

I love how Molly says she's not going to slit her wrists because of me. I'm responsible for mediocre vegans! Awesome.

I'm making cranberry sauce, vegan pumpkin pie, vegan chocolate mousse Newman O's pies, meatless meatloaf and roasted brussels sprouts. I haven't even made lunch yet. I need to get moving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

polly said...

hi honey!
Hope you got my email. :) Love you bunches and stay well!! Lots of cooties out there. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I vote make Charlie brownies. You love that brownie boy. hehe My momma is doing all the cooking tomorrow... she likes to do it all, but someday I want to help!! I love her and know she won't know when to say when it's tooooo much. Until then, I am happy to come with hugs and a hungry belly.

Happy Thanksgving cutie turkey. XOXO

Pops said...

Hi Sam,

If I get a vote too, I'd say make my son some brownies (and maybe one or two for me ;-)

Big Charlie