Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Plan this Evening

Is to fill up the tub with super hot water and RELAX!!!!  I NEVER take baths but tonight, after I tuck my little sweet tart into bed, that is exactly what I am going to do.  Charlie is out this evening.  He is having dinner with the big bosses from work so I am flying solo.  If you don’t mind I am going to make this a quick one – D wants me to play some Lego Star Wars before it is nighty night time. 

Lunch looks pretty familiar – same plate of goods as yesterday.  It gets the job done and tastes pretty fabulous too.




For dinner I went with a bowl of comfort.  I was not feeling the faux meat sources tonight. 

This bowl of love contained oats, Jay Robb Vanilla Rice Protein, pumpkin, cinnamon, blueberries, almond butter and a dollop of apple butter.  It was a creamy delight. 





If I get hungry later I am going to have an apple with peanut butter.  Even thought the Coconut Bliss was super tasty, I am just not in the mood for a frosty dessert tonight.  At the moment that bowl of oatmeal is still holding on strong but I know how my belly is – I have a super speedy digestive system.  If I am up late then I know that I will need a little something to tide me over till breakfast.

Time for some Mommy/ D time. We are in definite overtime this evening.  Good thing I have such a super cool kid.  I hope you have a great night. 


Jackey said...

Hi. I just found your blog on the blogroll of another food blogger. It looks nice. I really admire your exercise workouts. I would be eating a lot more if I exercised that much!
Your oatmeal looks wonderful. I have seen oatmeal floating everywhere on the blogs and I have never had it ever. I bought some steel - cut, I hope they are just as creamy as the quick-cook. That Jay Robb looks good too. Does the tub come with 2 scoops so you can take half-scoops at a time, or does it only have one big scoop? Have you ever tried Sun Warrior ?

Sammie said...

No the Jay Robb protein comes with one big scoop. I have not tried Sun Warrior - isn't in only available for on-line purchase? I can buy Jay Robb at Whole Foods - much easier. I also like Life Time Protein.
I do eat more that what is on the blog. I always have and afternoon snack but it is ALWAYS the same (a piece of fruit with nut butter or whole nuts).I stopped putting every morsel that goes into my mouth on the blog a while back.
I am glad that you stopped by to check it out. I look forward to reading more of your comments.

Tina said...

I'm curious about how the hemp seed butter tastes! It looks interesting...

beautiful bowl of oats as usual :)