Monday, November 16, 2009

Eating His Greens


Who is this kid eating broccoli?




And smiling about it!?!?  Somebody replaced my son with a veggie eater today.  He not only ate broccoli at dinner, but he also ate carrots & cucumber (at lunch) and bell pepper (at school) today.  He is quite fond of Marie’s Creamy Ranch dressing – a discovery made at school.  After he kept eating veggies there I asked his teacher what her trick was – it’s all in the DIP. Although, he did not need the dipper to eat the carrots or cuke today. Those he was willing to eat o’natural.  I am still shocked that he ate peppers. Go D!!! 





My dinner was veggie-riffic as well.  I had spaghetti squash, broccoli, a Turk’y Burger and an English muffin topped with a tbsp of almond butter & jelly.





For dessert I had some of the best sorbet on the planet – Banana Mango by Ciao Bella. The banana flavor is outstanding and it really mingles well with the tartness that the mango delivers. This is, by far, my favorite frosty treat of all time. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! 






I combined it with a few frozen strawberries, frozen mango chunks and PB2.  It was divine. 





Well I am off to call my mom.  I need to catch her up on the happenings of the weekend.  I bet she saw the pictures of the Karate Tournament and wants to get all the details.  I hope you have a great night.

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tam said...

Yummy your desert looks super tasty! x