Monday, November 16, 2009

Crunchy or Smooth?

This morning I went with crunchy – SunButter style. 

This gorgeous purple bowl contained 1/2 a cup oat bran (mixed with water), cooked with a full cup of frozen blueberries and topped off with a good old dollop of the crunchy stuff.



This afternoon I went with smooth – Almond Butter style (Whole Foods brand in case you are curious). 

My typical lunch – open faced sandwich with the usual accompaniments. 



My sweet tart is at school so I am home alone.  I have already done the dishes and gave Mr. Otto a bath – he hated every minute of it. 

I am now going to change over the laundry and then I have plans for these two. 



French press coffee – doesn’t get any better.

How do you prefer your nut/seed butterCrunchy 0r Smooth?  I am usually a smoothie girl but we only have crunchy sunflower seed butter in the house at the present time. It was good but not as good as my favorite brand.  I have actually never tried crunchy almond butter. Have you?  How is it? 

I hope you have a great afternoon.


Erica said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with great eats- I could eat nut butter at every meal. I'm a smooth girl all the way! Enjoy the coffee! I am going to pick some up on my way home. A little starbucks treat

polly said...

I used to be a crunchy girl... now I am a smooooooooooooooooth operator. :) I just leave it in the food processor an extra long time.. nad as you can see on my blog today how creamy the results are!

AND miss Sammie sweetness... THANK YOU!! I just in fact received my card and my BEAUTIFUL key chain! I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. I really LOVE it. I am putting it on my car key right now, so each time I see it, I'll think of my sweet, beautiful, long distance bff. :D

Have a wonderful day, sweetie pie. XOXO

VeggieGirl said...


HeatherBakes said...

I LOVE super crunchy PB... though I've never tried crunchy almond butter. Brian's more of a smooth PB guy.

Super jealous of the coffee! I miss the whole coffee routine.

Have a great day!

tam said...

I definitely have to have smooth tahini, almond, hazelnut smooth and delicious! I agree on the coffee front there just isn't any better! Love your blog by the way x x

Molly said...

I'm a smooth girl, but ain't nothin' wrong with the crunchy stuff either ;)