Friday, November 6, 2009

Burger and Fries

Happy Friday!!!  I hope your day was wonderful.  I got a special treat and talked to one of the sweetest sweeties via telephone this afternoon.  We talked about everything except the earth, moon and the happenings of the planet – that would trigger my inner weirdo and I would start to panic.  For your info any mention of such things as in geology & astronomy kind of wig me out.  Not quite sure why but the thought of the end of the world kind of enters my mind.  What can I say, I am a freak. No comments from you , Charlie.  I know where you rest your head at night. 

Tonight for dinner I had a very “Sammie” style burger and fries. 




I ventured into the land of faux meat with a Quorn Turk’y Burger. I ate it on an English muffin with mustard and ketchup.  The “burger” is much better than the “tenders” that I had a few days ago.  I liked that they were not super high in sodium and the texture was mush juicer than its little siblings.  I will definitely eat these again.



I also had oven fries which I made with one MASSIVE potato.  I sliced the monster into thin wedges, laid them on a Silpat covered sheet pan and sprinkled on a little salt and oregano.  Into a 450 degree oven they went until the tater slices were good and crispy (not too crispy like the other night).

I added some green to my dinner with raw zucchini fries.  Everything was delicious. 



I’m going to work in reverse order with my eats today. I did branch out and have something different for an afternoon snack so I thought that I would share that with you as well.

I had a pear, almonds and corn chips.  I just bought this bag of corn chips since I am in need of a little variety.  The crispy crunchers were a great addition to snack plate. 



Lunch was not something different.  I went with the beloved PB & J – my all time favorite sandwich.  I also had an apple, almond cheese and zucchini. 




This morning I had an amazing bowl of Double Berry Oatmeal.  I am now out of fresh strawberries so it looks like the berry-ness will be a little less fantastic the next time I make my oats.

I had my standard toppings – PB2 and almond butter. 



This fine evening will be spent with my main squeeze.  We are going to try and find a movie on HBO or Cinemax.  That will obviously be after our sweet tart is in dreamland. 

I hope you have a great night.


Mama Pea said...

Oh, I loved talking to you too!

I've never tried a Quorn product, but I think it's about time!

You'll get the full update via blog later, but let's just say I did a lot of couch cushion cleaning this afternoon. Criminy.

Enjoy your Skin-a-max flick! ;)

Jackey said...

Really nice pictures. I eat kind of the same way but I eat a lot of beans and I like granola.
Thanks for the information on the protein powders. I might get Sun Warrior, one scoop is 15 g protein, so its not as much as Jay (but less in a scoop), but I guess no one really needs too much protein.
I have never heard of Quorn before. Is it soy? I wish I could see some sunshine burgers, I hear they are soy-free and are good. I like some soy but not all the time.
I tried Ezekiel bread today and I like that (in case you are ever interested to get).
Sorry for the long comment. I enjoy the blog because its simple and sweet and just really warm. Not complicated lol. I need to stop all the blog reading though, too time-consuming :)

Julia said...

Sammie.....I took a few philosophy classes in college, but nothing freaked me out like working problem sets in astronomy!! I actually know (or think I know) exactly what you are talking about. Ah, so weird. Great post!

Sammie said...

Quorn is soy free - I can not eat soy - I have a serious intolerance to it in any form.
I love the Sunshine Burgers but the Whole Foods near my house is all out of the Original flavor - which is my favorite one. So I decided to be adventurous and give the Quorn brand a GO. And I am glad that I did. The Turk'y Burgers are really yummy.
No worries on the long comment. I am always happy to hear what readers think of what I am posting.
Have a great weekend.

Oh good, I am glad that I am not the only one who freaks about that subject. Is there one particular thing that triggers it for you?

Julia said...

It starts with thinking about the sheer enormity of the universe. That leads to thinking about why/how life evolved here and if there is life elsewhere and if so, what is it like, etc. Not statistical deliberation in an E=MC squared kind of thought process, mind, but rather "holy crap, we are but a speck in the universe and time is so seemingly infinite" Then I get kidna existential and start thinking about meaning, randomness, insignififance, and a whole host of other ideas that generally don't inspire optimism. On the other hand, I tend to conclude by thinking that my speculation is just so futile that it's neither sunny nor sad, it's just nothing. Buuut, then ultimately beyond that, I feel like thinking that it all means nothing is sorta sad afterall. In conclusion, I wish I could believe in God, but I don't think I can and be honest with, what, is that what the question was?!?! Is that anything at all like what you meant, haha

eatmovelove said...

Wow - I love the burger and "fries". Your pictures are great. Almond cheese!! I'm never heard or seen of it...I love all cheeses, recently I tried 'Rice' cheese (lactose/gluten/soy-free : not that I'm any of those, I just like different things ;)...kind of a weird, rubbery texture - but I liked it?! It's expensive though, so not a regular...back to my Mozz.
Great blog - I just started my own and am always looking for great readers :)
If you know much about lentils or beans - check out my post - I'm wondering what to do with them!!