Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Warm by the Oven

Today it has been so chilly and raw.  What better way to warm up than hang out by a nice warm oven. 
D and I whipped up a batch of White Chip Chocolate Cookies – recipe on the back of the chip bag. 




These were per D’s request – he loves white chocolate.  We made them a bit on the monstrous side – I tend to usually make cookies much smaller.  He wanted big ones – these did not disappoint. 





Before we were up to our elbows in cookie batter we had lunch. 

I had my new favorite cottage cheese, cinnamon, apple and veggie combo - this time with a zucchini. It was delish!




I also had 2 pieces of toasty bread topped with peanut butter and apple butter. On the side I ate the rest of the apple that I did not throw into the veggie/fruit bowl.




For Charlie’s dinner tonight, I was on a mission to create a dish that would leave some leftovers.  I opted for an eggy dish. 

I started by grating a peeled sweet potato.




The rest of the ingredients were pretty simple – onion, 6 eggs and shredded cheese. I also used salt, pepper, oregano and thyme to season the eggs.





I coated an oven proof skillet with olive oil and cooked the onion and sweet potato till soft.  I then pressed the mixture into the skillet to form a crust and let it cook for a few more minutes to sort of mold into the shape of the pan. 

In a medium bowl I mixed the eggs and the seasoning. I then poured the egg mix over the “crust” and popped it into a 375 degree oven until the eggs set up and I could tell they were no longer runny.  I added a little shredded cheddar cheese to the top and then put the pan back in the oven under the broiler to melt the cheese.



It was a winner and there is 2 pieces left for his dinner tomorrow. We have some plans tomorrow night so an easy dinner will be beneficial. 

I am no longer eating sweet potatoes or onions as they leave my stomach in utter discomfort so I made myself a belly friendly meal. 

I had a plate of “safe” veggies (zucchini and summer squash) and a pear.




I also had an english muffin with swiss cheese, sunflower seed butter & apple butter.




Tonight I am definitely sticking my face in my book.  I have not been able to sit and read for a few days now and I am dying to know what happens.  First I need to get my little sweet tart tucked in, then it will be Twilight time. 

I hope you have a great night.


MelissaNibbles said...

Very creative with the dinner. I enjoy making meals that will give us leftovers. It makes those nights when I'm more tired a lot easier :)

Enjoy your book!

Julie said...

Ooh, that fritata looks good.

D is a man after my own heart. White chocolate? Big cookies? Yes and Yes. Those bad boys look good.

Wasn't it waaay too cold today? It's far too soon for this 40 degree business.

ratzxfink said...

wow Sammie! your cookies look mighty deli! wish i could try some!
:) You sure are good at baking! :)

Anne Marie said...

Those cookies look great!

Tina said...

The sweet potato crust looks so cool!! And of course the cookies that awesome as well.