Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuna on Tuesday

Well there really wasn’t anything super exciting about my day.  I did get to clean the toilet twice – oh the joys of having a 4 year old boy.  I really know how to have a good time, don’t I?

I took D to the bookstore for story hour.  The kiddies got to hear the story Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  Now D is really jonesing to see the movie.  I think we might try to take him Friday evening. 

Lunch today was a yummy tuna concoction. I mixed canned tuna, apple, kidney beans and mustard.  Kinda sounds odd but it tasty mighty delicious.




There was an english muffin consumed which I topped with a tbsp of sunflower seed butter and jelly.  I ate the rest of the apple and some zucchini sticks as well.




Dinner was nothing exciting – well to my mouth it was – Cinnamon Pear Oats. 

I cooked up 1/2 a cup oatmeal with water, 1/2 a scoop of Jay Robb Vanilla Rice Protein Powder, 2 tbsp Manitoba Harvest Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder, cinnamon and a peeled and chopped pear.

At the end I added a few frozen strawberries that helped cool this hot stuff down so I did not scorch my mouth – they are under there somewhere.  I topped it off with PB2 and a tbsp of sunflower seed butter.




Well my friends that is all I got.  See I told you that my day was not that exciting.  Sometimes days like that are much needed.  Tomorrow I have a busy day – babysitting at the gym and then speeding home to feed the D Man lunch before he heads to school.  I am turning off the computer and sticking my face in front of my book for a while. I hope you have a great night.


ratzxfink said...

Hey Sammie, the tuna looks yummy, i think i'll try it one of these days! thanks for the great idea! :)

Sophia said...

Oh no...what happened to the toilet? Or maybe I shouldn't be asking in fear of TMI...;-)

Sammie said...

A certain little someone just has a bit of an aim issue - no biggie. I just had to give it a good scrub down X2. :)