Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Student

All good things were said about our little student last night. D’s teachers said that he is quite chatty (no surprise there) and he gets along very well with everyone.  He is very fond of one particular boy - I find it rather funny that his name is Sam. 

One of his teachers told me that is it very evident that we do a lot at home with him.  How can we not? He is always asking a billion questions about something.  He is so eager to learn so we figure why not take advantage of it while we can.  Someday he may just change his tune.  Or maybe we will have one of those kids that just really likes school – I can hope, can’t I? 

This morning I have followed my usual routine – early to rise, gym workout, shower then breakfast.  At the gym I did 20 minutes on the Stair Climber and 40 minutes on the Elliptical (with moving handles). I then moved my workout into the weight room and ended my time there with stretching.  I left feeling ready to conquer the day. 

Breakfast this morning was so creamy and delicious – Pumpkin Oat Bran was on the menu.  I am determined to turn myself orange I guess.  Pumpkin last night and then again this morning – do I have that “glow” yet?  I added 1/2 a scoop of my new favorite protein powder and cinnamon.  It was topped off with PB2 and sunflower seed butter.  Tell me that doesn’t look scrumptious? It was. 




I will leave you with some pictures of the super student.




He was showing off his Star Wars moves.







Have a great day. 


DrMom said...

Sammie- I love the pics of D. He reminds me so much of my eldest son, David. Enjoy him now. They grow up so fast! David is home this week for a visit. We were up last night till 2:30 talking. He still asks a billion questions! Soon, he will begin his residency in orthopedic surgery half way across the country. I'll really miss him. Great eats as always!

polly said...

hi honey! I love D. He is a muffin. Not surprised a bit that he is a super, sweet, smart boy. How are you??? How is your skin/belly? Not sure if you saw my comment a while back, but just wondering about my long distance bff. We are all well at our house... keep the germs away! So fun to go to Panera. I sometimes need to LEAVE my house so I don't find another project to do. ha. Love you, friend. Just made some sweet pea soup I bet you'd love. I think I'll post the recipe today. HUGS! XOXO pols