Wednesday, October 7, 2009

She Recommended It

Last night I was able to read for 2 whole hours – that is pretty good for me.  I usually end up getting really sleepy and just close my book and nod off.  Well that did not happen and I believe the reason why is because I am reading a book that my 9 year old niece recommended – Twilight.  I know these books have been all the rage. I’m not really into vampires so I had no desire to read this series. A few weeks ago I saw my niece with one of the books (she is brilliant and reads everything – seriously!!!), so I asked her about it.  I think that she was holding book 4.  She said that she really likes the books and she has read them 4 times – yes she is ALWAYS reading.  She knows that I like Harry Potter and that I have read all the books (she has too) and told me that she thinks that I would really enjoy Twilight. Since she recommended it, I have to read the story.  Honestly, I had to force myself to go to bed last night.  I read well over 100 pages and could have read 100 more – it is that good.  I am really looking forward to cracking it open again tonight – that Edward sure has me intrigued. 

Even though I went to bed a little late, I was able to get out the door at my normal hour this morning.  At the gym I did a little cardio mixer – 30 minutes on the Step Mill, 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer and 20 minutes running on the Treadmill.  I followed that up with a typical weight session and lastly a nice stretch. 

I actually veered away from the bowl of oat bran this morning – SHOCKING, I know.  I had a whole wheat bagel topped with a tbsp of sunflower seed butter.




And a  plain Chobani mixed with cinnamon.




I had to babysit at the gym this morning so while I was there my belly started getting mighty loud by 10:00.  I was not surprised that this breakfast did not last as long as my oaty concoctions – nothing beats my oat bran. 

As soon as I walked in the door I needed food. I melted a piece of swiss cheese on top of 2 plain rice cakes. It was just enough to hold me over while I made lunch for D and myself. 

I made a bean salad with apples.  I simply tossed kidney beans, chick peas and a chopped apple in a bowl – super simple.





I also had zucchini sticks and an english muffin with a tbsp of sunflower seed butter.





So a few minutes ago some strange man was knocking on my door. I am not one to open my door to someone that I do not know so I did not.  He kept knocking, like banging on the door which really made me more leery of opening it.  I swear he even tried to move the door knob – thank goodness I ALWAYS lock my door.  He then opened my mailbox – was he putting something in it or was he looking to see if there was mail?  Eventually he got in his car and drove away.  I waited a few minutes and checked the mailbox and I did find an envelope that was addressed to me and Charlie. Maybe it was delivered to that man’s house by accident or was it already in there? I am not sure.  Anyways, it was just kind of odd the way that he was banging on the door and the fact that I am pretty sure he was trying to turn the knob.  I do live in a very busy area so if he tried anything wacky there are always loads of people around.  Still, I am not opening the door for some random dude.

Anytime D is here, I NEVER open the door to a stranger.  Am I overly cautious?  or Just a big chicken?  Every time I hear freaky stories on the news, I find myself acting even more protective.   

Do you get nervous when there is a strange person on the other side of the door? 

I hope you have a safe and happy Wednesday.


A said...

I NEVER open the door but always make sure that I am visible to whoever is outside, I just ask what they want and if I'm not interested I say so--totally creepy what happened to you, be on the lookout, especially with a little one!

MelissaNibbles said...

You can never be too careful. Just this morning I saw a horrible story on the news about a woman being attached in New Hampshire.

I haven't read Twilight, but I love Harry Potter...and I'm 29! I have all the books and the movies on dvd. I hope you enjoy Twilight. Maybe I'll read it if you recommend it.

Laura E said...

That is a little strange..I wouldn't have opened it either! Just the other day my friend was dropping me off and there was a(not so nice-looking)man walking my across the street. I waited inside the car until he was way down the block before I got out! My friend was the one who saw him first and told me she didn't want him seeing me go inside alone.

I haven't met a person who hasn't loved the Twilight Saga and that include my guy friends! I've read all 4 books twice :)

Julie said...

Wow thats kind of scary. You can never be too careful.