Monday, October 26, 2009

See if This Works

So I have not made any announcements about this yet as I was trying it out for a bit to see if I could actually survive without it – I am going dairy free.  I have been eating a diary free diet for 5 days now and I am doing great.  My skin is actually clearing up and my tummy feels SUPER.  I am sick and tired of that belly bloat that I get after consuming dairy and frankly I am REALLY tired of the acne breakouts. I was worried that I would miss the protein from diary but I have been using my Jay Robb and Life Time protein powders as well as plenty of beans.  I have never been a big fan of meat – I find that it is very hard on my system.  I am very happy living without it but giving up dairy was a big step.  I started by cutting out all the greek yogurt (I ate it everyday) and then I slowly gave up cottage cheese and cheese.  It was not too tough to do and my body does not feel the slightest bit sluggish. I am going to continue with this diet for a while and see if it works.  I hope you all hang with me as I venture down this new path. 

Ok onto the eats. 

Breakfast was a Rudi’s Bagel topped with almond butter and jelly.  I also made a protein drink using a scoop of Jay Robb’s Vanilla Rice powder, Amazing Grass Berry Super Food and water. 




Then I took  my sidekick to the gym so mommy could get in a workout.  I did 20 minutes of intervals on the Stair Climber, 40 minutes on the Elliptical and free weights.  It was super fabulous and I left feeling ready to tackle my Monday. 

Lunch was roasted acorn squash mixed with 1/2 a cup chick peas and cinnamon.  Acorn squash just might be my favorite gourd.  This combo was so yummy and very belly friendly. 




I also had an apple and 2 pieces of bread topped with sunflower seed butter and almond butter.  The golden delicious apple was super sweet.  Apples are, by far, my favorite fruit. I could NEVER give them up. 





This afternoon I took D over to see his best pal Rocco.  I think he was having withdrawals. I mean, he only spent the entire weekend with him.  He could not possibly go an entire day without seeing his chum. I got to visit with my sis while the boys played. 

While we were there I had a protein drink, which was just a scoop of Life Time powder mixed with water. 

For dinner I piled on the veggies.  I started with a bowl of goodies – 1/2 cup kidney beans, 1/2 cup pumpkin and a little chopped pear. I added cinnamon for some flavor. 




I also ate some summer squash, mushrooms, the rest of the pear and an english muffin topped with peanut butter. After I snapped the photo I decided that the english muffin would be better with a little dab of jelly.  MMMMMM, PB & J = my favorite. 




As you can see I did eat plenty of veggies today and I got a good amount of protein intake too. 

I am just about to make a nice warm cup of tea and hopefully settle into the pages of my book.  I am more than halfway through New Moon but my mom and sis have managed to make it to Eclipse – I am way behind. 

I hope you have a great night. 


Anonymous said...

I love the pics! And wish I had Jay Robb :(
When you use protein , do you use a 30 g scoop at a time or half? Also, did you learn anything about heat denaturing the protein?
I have given up dairy too. But I eat cheese occasionally. I also still eat eggs and fish, so I am not quite there. Enjoy the book!

Sammie said...

Since I am not getting protein from too many sources, I chose to do a full scoop today. I do often only use half - it all just depends on what I am eating that day. I am not eating eggs or fish at the present time. I am going to see if the all veg diet works but I am not setting anything in stone. I did not have a chance to look up anything about the heat/protein subject - I was away from my computer all day. I am still very interest to see what I can find.

VeggieGirl said...

Best of luck with your health endeavors!

Sammie said...

Ok, I just read a little about denaturing protein. Heat may denature the protein but it will not change the nutritional value. So if you are worried that you are getting less protein after cooking that is not the case. Denaturing just means that the protein strands are untangled or tangled from what they originally were supposed to be - if I am understanding that correctly.
Let me know if you find any info about it.

Diana from PA said...

I found your blog via nhershoes and today I decided to give up dairy for the same reasons that you did! I am so tired of my bloaty belly and the acne, enough! I have read so much that giving up dairy will really help with this, so why not!
I am planning on going soy with the milk and some good, low sugar pnut butter for a good protein snack with an apple or celery. I don't think it will be too difficult buy any tips that you have, would be appreciated!!!

I love the blog!

Molly said...

I just went vegan and I feel great, but I do think I will indulge in a little dairy on VERY special occasions, i.e. a birthday bowl of ice cream. However, I said that when I dropped meat too and never once turned back.
Good luck!