Saturday, October 31, 2009

Passed the Test

Happy Halloween Bloggies!!!!  Are you all planning to enjoy the frightful night?  We will be hitting the streets after dinner so that the D Man can load up on the sweet stuff. 

This morning I ventured out into the shadows for a run – man do I miss the early AM sunrise. I don’t think that it started to get light until at least 7.  That is late to this early birdie.

I did a 9.2 mile run.  I would have liked to go a little farther but I had to boogie home to get D to karate.  Not that 9.2 is shabby mileage. 

I made a super fast bagel with almond butter and apple butter for breakfast.  Oatmeal would have been nice but I just did not have the time.




To our surprise (and D’s), he was tested for a new belt today during class and HE PASSED!!!  He is now a yellow belt. I wish that I knew so that I could have brought the camera and captured his beaming smile when his Sensei called him up to receive his new belt.  D’s mouth literally dropped and you could see his excitement. 




To celebrate, D asked if we could go to the bookstore so he could have a snack in their cafe.  While we were there, I flipped through some vegan cookbooks.  I am thinking about getting Veganomicon and Eat Drink & Be Vegan. They both seem to have a lot of recipes that I would enjoy (and maybe Charlie). Anyone own these? Do you recommend either of these for someone who can not eat soy as well?

When we got home it was definitely time for me to feed my growling tummy. The bagel had left the building.  I had a plate of my usual eats – zucchini, apple, beans (Organic Great Northern this time, rinsed and drained of course), 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and 365 Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread




That is how my Saturday has gone down so far.  We are just hanging out and waiting for the fun to start this evening.  We are taking D trick or treating with his buddy Ethan since my sis already had plans to go to a Halloween party.  D was a little bummed that he will not be with his best chum Rocco but I am pretty sure he will have a blast either way. 

I hope you have  a great night.


Anonymous said...

I had to comment because I have heard wonderful things about those 2 cookbooks. Maybe one day I will splurge on them also.
Congrats to your son, and have a happy and safe halloween!

Katy said...

I have Veganomicon and now consider it to be the perfect pair to my Joy of Cooking -- between the two, I have everything I need!

I'm not sure how EDBV stacks up on the soy-front, but the Veganomicon girls are pretty good about making allowances for all diet needs. I don't eat a lot of soy and don't use soy milk, so I often substitute almond or hemp milk with no problems.

Having said that, EDBV is on my Christmas list!

Sammie said...

Thanks for your input. I think that I might add Veganomicon to my list to buy. I am going to look up Joy of Cooking - I have never seen that one before.