Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No School for the Sicky

Well last night D started coming down with a really icky cough. He always gets croupy when his head is all stuffy.  Poor little guy.  We set up the Vicks Vaporizer for him and administered some meds.

This morning I ventured to the gym while the guys got some more Z’s. I did a 5 mile run, 20 minutes on the Elliptical and weights.

When I got home my boys were awake and had already had themselves quite a morning.  Apparently, D decided to put his hand in front of the warm mist vapor and gave himself a nice burn.  Then when daddy was trying to get him to go to the potty he ran away (he was afraid to wash his burn), and tripped over a laundry basket and skinned his hip. He’s not having a good day.

I managed to take a shower and eat breakfast in a flash since I had to be back at the gym to babysit.  Thank goodness my main squeeze was able to work from home this morning because there was no way I could take the ill one along.

Breakfast was super fast – a Rudi’s Sweet Wheat Bagel topped with almond butter and a few speckles of jelly.




My gym is having an Open House today. Anyone can go in and work out for free ALL DAY.  It was super busy but all the kiddies were very well behaved.  We have a babysitter on staff who does amazing face painting. She came in to adorn their little faces – they all looked super cute.  Too bad the D Man had to miss it.  The gym staff and the aerobics instructors were all decked out in Halloween costumes.  Olive Oil was teaching Body Pump and Fred Flintstone was giving weight training tips to clients.  One of the owners of the gym was dressed in a vintage women’s McDonald’s uniform – HE looked pretty silly – wig and all.

I stopped at the store to pick up some OJ for the sicky. I might have also snagged him a donut – I am a softy when he is not feeling well.  He was super excited and gobbled up the donut in a matter of seconds.  

For lunch I made a bowl of goodies – kidney beans, zucchini, pumpkin, apple and cinnamon. 




I also had a plate of goodies – the rest of the zucchini & apple and an open faced peanut butter sandwich.

I got to enjoy my lunch with my honey before he headed off to work. It was nice to have some company.




After lunch I made D take a bath.  The warm steam really helped his stuffy head.  He just ate a very late lunch during which he spilled a full cup of orange juice all over the table and floor.  OJ is such a sticky mess if not cleaned up properly. I gave everything a thorough scrub down and while I was doing said task he told me I am the worlds best cleaner – YIPPIE!!

I am keeping D home from school even though he seems to be feeling much better.  He has actually stopped the hacking cough.  I am just erring on the side of caution.  I would hate for him to get sicker and miss the Halloween party at school on Friday. 

That’s how my day has gone down so far.  How’s yours going?  

See you later friends.


Erica said...

SUCH a good mommy. I bet that doughnut made his day. I love when there are open house days at the gym. Classes are packed and there is a fresh sense of energy!

MelissaNibbles said...

I hope your little guy is feeling well soon. Rough morning indeed :(

polly said...

you are an AWESOME momma, Sammie. Love you guys and tell D we hope he gets better really quick so he doesn't miss his party. XOXO

We are all well so far so good. Just had a yummy bowl of PUMPKIN topped with a turkey burger, side of apple slices and almond butter. Almost a Sammie meal, minus the turkey burger. ;) Abbi finished her homework and we are planning to start knitting with some new yarn we picked out after school today. She is planning on being a "70's girl" for trick or treat. We are trying to go cheap and just rip up an old pair of her jeans, she is wearing beads, a head band, and blue eyeshadow and flip flops if it's not too cold. We were hunting for a tye-dye shirt, but no luck and I don't want to spend much $$ anyways. She is excited! Yes, she would have gotten a donut too. ;) Love you, friend. Have a sweet night with your boys. XOXO

D is home soon, so happy when we are all home on a chilly fall night. Perfect for snuggling in blankets. I think Ab is planning for us all to watch one of the Halloween-ish Little House on the PRairie episodes (we have them all on DVD) so that will be fun. :)