Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nicoise Salad

Good evening.  The rest of our day was rather uneventful.  Probably a good thing seeing as D was so accident prone this morning. 

I opted for a hearty bowl of Pumpkin Protein Oats for dinner. I was craving something warm and tummy filling.  The Jay Robb Vanilla Rice Protein added the perfect amount of sweetness.  Hidden deep inside the pillowy goodness were a few frozen strawberries. 





And a big old mound of almond butter topped it off.  This totally hit the spot.





Charlie’s dinner was another Ellie Krieger recipe – Chopped Nicoise Salad.  There was a little prep involved but nothing too time consuming.  I actually had it all prepared even before he arrived home. 




The colors in this dish are so gorgeous.  The downside is the rather pungent onion and tuna smell that is permeating my kitchen. 




He really liked the salad and gobbled up the entire mound that I served him.  There are plenty of leftovers which I am sure he will be enjoying at home.  Not sure that tuna and onion falls under good work etiquette. 

My little man is already tucked into bed and hopefully off to dreamland.  I am hoping that he gets a super nights rest and wakes up feeling oodles better.  His mood was pleasant today despite all his mishaps.  Most of the time the crabby monster comes with the cooties – not the case this time. 

Well I hope you all had a fabulous day.  See you tomorrow.

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Tina said...

I love Nicoise salad! My sister has made it before, but in the traditional way. I love the idea of a chopped version.