Friday, October 23, 2009

Niacin Flush??????

Happy Friday!!!  I hope you all are enjoying your day. 

I started my day the usual way –

wake up before the sun and get in a great workout

made a stellar bowl of blueberry oatmeal for breakfast

This was one of my best bowls yet.  Not sure why it tasted so good but it was extra creamy delicious. 


DSC04919 DSC04922


Every morning while I cook my breakfast D likes to play games on the computer. Then I kick him off so that I can check and see how all my favorite bloggers are doing.  Yes, I eat and read. I find it very relaxing. I can actually take my time when I eat breakfast – usually the only meal of the day that I get to. 





Lunch today was back to the “safe foods” – I was not in the mood for another full body rash.  I had apple, zucchini and an english muffin topped with almond butter and jelly.





I also had chick peas with some of my apple and cinnamon. 





So I was doing a little research online (while I was eating my breakfast). I found some interesting info on a Niacin Flush.  Nutritional yeast contains niacin and some people have experienced a rash or a reaction after consuming larger amounts of it.  I am wondering if that is what happened to me yesterday.  I guess I won’t know unless I decided to consume nutritional yeast again. I just might have it on its own to see what happens.  I just need to make sure that do not need to go anywhere afterwards. I would probably freak out every person that I came in contact with. 

This weekend is going to be crazy busy around here. Here is what is going down:

Saturday – karate, bowling birthday party for one of D’s friends, Rocco sleeping over

Sunday – I am marching in a Halloween Parade with my Girls Scout Troop (in costume). D and Charlie will be there (D in his costume) collecting candy that gets tossed out to spectators.  Then we are going to carve pumpkins with my sis and her family.

How about you guys?  Anything fun planned for the next few days? 

See you later friends.


polly said...

hi honey!
Nothing too crazy on our plans. D has been in Georgia and Alabama all week for work, so we will be sooo happy to have him HOME! We miss him lots when he travels, which thank goodness isn't that often. Our little family unit is 3 strong and we are tight, like another family of 3 I know. :) XOXO

Ab and I had our date tonight (see blog) and it was so fun. Being a mom is awesome. Hard somedays but worth every bit of everything it takes to give. Love you, so happy you might have found your rash mystery cause?! Hope so. Have fun at the parade and carving pumpkins and all the other fun things! I hope Rocco and D sleep at least a little. :)


Molly said...

I eat and read to just relax and really unwind, and I find that I enjoy the meal the more I take my time.

Tina said...

I looove waking up early. I don't know how all these other college kids can sleep til my roommates!

Your bowls of oatmeal never fail to amaze me :D

Living and Loving in L.A. said...

So sorry about your hives! Hope they went away. I get them too mysteriously sometimes, and the best treatment is 1 Benadryl taken as soon as you get the first reaction. Are you going to try the nutritional yeast again? I just bought some the other day to make some recipes with. Very interesting about the niacin!!!