Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Pumpkin in the Patch


Today D’s class had a field trip to Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon.  It was our first time visiting this farm – boy is it a beauty.




They have a store where you can purchase all of their produce but they also have gorgeous flowers for sale. 




We arrived a little early so D got to play on the playground while we waited for our hayride.




He was such a good little doobie today. 




We hopped onto the trailer that was being pulled by a huge tractor and taken for a ride around the farm. 






Our guide made a few stops around the farm to educate us on the wonderful vegetation the farm grows – like melon, corn, broccoli and pumpkins (just to name a few). D actually ate raw broccoli and LOVED it.  He kept asking for more – who is this kid???  Is that the key to getting him to eat veggies – I have to give it to him freshly picked?





D loved the bumpy ride through the muck and massive puddles.  I was just thankful that we were not trucking around on foot – we would have been knee deep in filthy goop.




He enjoyed an apple during the ride. Fruit and vegetables in one day and I did not have to force feed them to him. Seriously, who replaced my son with this healthy eater? 





We were able to get off the ride for a quick romp in the pumpkin patch.  My little pumpkin got to pick his own to take home.  He wants me to carve it into a jack-o-lantern for him. 




After the ride D ate some lunch with his friends and then we ventured home.  It was a blast and I am definitely going back to check out the farm store. 

Look who I found zonked out when we got home.  I would say that he was a bit pooped after the farm fun. 




I just got back from a Girl Scout meeting. My niece convinced me to play tag with the girls.  What a day!!!  I am going to go put my feet up and relax.  I hope you had a great day.


Steph said...

Your son is just too cute! I have so many memories of going to the pumpkin patch farm when I was little :)

Erica said...

WOW! D is starting to look so grown up- love it! What a fun field trip. Thats fabulous that he really enjoyed the fresh fruit and veggies. I would need a nap after all that excitement too