Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Me & Otto


I am currently hanging out with my fur boy.  Otto really is a great dog – crazy but so sweet.




He kept trying to sneak me a kiss – doggie breath ick!!! 




Today is the perfect day to sport my other new hat.  It is pretty breezy outside and my hair is starting to drive me nuts.  I am NOT going to give in and cut it, I will let it grow. 





I like the cute little decorations on the side of this one.  It is a little more feminine than the green  corduroy one.




Otto is super excited, I came home from dropping D off at school with a couple bags of his favorite cookies.  We ran out and he has been begging for a treat ALL day.  We keep them on top of the fridge so he jumps at it when he wants one. 

He is crazy about the Blueberry ones, the Cinnamon is new.  He  gobbled up the ones I already gave him so I would have to say they are a winner.





For lunch today I combined kidney beans and a chopped apple – only 2 left in my picking stash which has really lasted me a long time.





I also had an english muffin topped with a tbsp sunflower seed butter and strawberry jelly. For greenery, I had some zucchini sticks.





Were you surprised to see me again so soon?  Well I missed you so I thought that I should say hello.  I have not been the most frequent blogger the past few weeks but I do think of you guys all the time.  I hope you are having a great day. 


A said...

Those dog treats look awesome, where do you buy them? Thanks, love the blog and Otto is a cutie!

Sammie said...

I buy those treats at a store called Especially for Pets. The ingrident list is stellar - only things that humans would want to eat - no junk. The lady at the store even admitted that they do in fact eat them - not my thing but whatever :)
Thanks for commenting - have a great day.