Wednesday, October 21, 2009

His Third Vegetarian Dinner

Good evening, I hope you all had a great day. 

For dinner tonight I took a chance with something that I never eat – canned soup.  This variety is very low in sodium. My main reason for avoiding canned soup is due to the fact that I feel like I am dumping the salt shaker straight into my mouth. 




I am also chancing the fact that there were carrots present.  I am hoping that since they were souper mushy (I just had to – I know I am a dork), that maybe my stomach will not be too disturbed.  The flavor of the soup was ok – nothing earth shattering.  It was filling so I guess I can give it that.  Must be all the fiber from the lentils.




With the soup I had a leftover homemade veggie burger (I was eating lots of lentils with this meal), raw zucchini fries and an english muffin topped with sunflower seed butter.





For Charlie’s dinner I broke out the America’s Test Kitchen Best Light Recipes cookbook again.  I made their Black Bean and Corn Stuffed Peppers.  The reason I made myself something different is because I CAN NOT eat corn.  I will spare you the details and the embarrassment to myself. 

ATK recipes are always amazing but I have found that they are not always the quickest to prepare.  The Veggie Chili was easy but the other 2 recipes really took a lot of prep work and I used a ton of dishes. 




This recipe makes a ton of filling. I probably could have made two more stuffed peppers.  I have some in the fridge that he will be able to eat all on its own.




It really is a simple filling, brown rice, black beans, frozen corn, canned diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper, light cheddar cheese and cilantro.  Once you have all the components, the peppers bake for a short time and viola – dinner is served (in just under 2.5 hours mind you).  Maybe it took me so long since I always have to clean up as I go along.  I hate it when my kitchen looks like a bomb went off. 

Charlie enjoyed his third vegetarian dinner and did not comment that meat would make his pepper taste better (he likes to throw that in when I make him meals sans animal). I might not ever get him to give up meat but at least he can enjoy a meal without it every now and then.

I am off to read New Moon. I started it last night and I am already well underway. 

See you tomorrow.


Runeatrepeat said...

I love stuffed peppers, but it's usually something I "forget" about!

polly said...

What a wonderful idea! I love you, sweet friend. By the way, D looked like a little muffin for his big picture day. What a hambone. :) Tell Charlie that my D is a huge meat eater too, and the boy cannot go more than one day with no meat or he starts looking sad and opening and shutting the fridge hoping a hunk of chicken or beef will appear or something. hehe

Nite nite! oh! I made Abbi some of those pumpkin-cake mix muffins today! I took some to a friend, too. Perfect! I even bought the exact same cake mix as my Sammie girl. XOXO Happy weekend... it's almost here. XOXO

Tina said...

I've always wanted to make stuffed peppers. Yours look really good! I love having people enjoy my vegetarian meals :)

Julie said...

wow those look good!