Monday, October 12, 2009

Cinnamon Chick Peas

Today D spent the day playing at my sis’s house since the kiddies had the day off from school.  That is 3 days in a row hanging with his buddy Rocco.  The two of them really are the best of friends.  

I was able to visit with my niece and my sis for a while – “girl time” is always enjoyed. 

When we got home I whipped up a fast dinner.

toast with a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter, apple butter and a slice of swiss cheese




With my toast I had a bowl of deliciousness.  Seriously, anything with cinnamon is yummy in my book.

chopped apple, chick peas, cottage cheese and lots of cinnamon




As you can tell I have a serious addiction to cinnamon.  I can eat it on fruit and veggies.  How do you feel about cinnamon?  Is there a spice that you like to add to your meals that you just can’t live without?  

I am about to go sit down with a warm cup of blueberry tea.  It is still freezing in my house – I refuse to turn the heat on this early in the season.  A hot cup of tea is a great way to warm me up from the inside. 

I hope you have a great night. 

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Tina said...

Man, apples, chickpeas, cottage cheese, AND cinnamon?! Those are like all my favorite things :)