Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chili Beans without the Heat

The other day while I was at Whole Foods perusing their ever so abundant supply of canned beans, I stumbled upon one that caught my eye – Organic Chili Beans. Usually I purchase their no sodium added canned beans – not organic but I don’t eat ALL organic ALL the time.  I do try keep the majority of mine and my family’s food consumption organic – there are things that I make exceptions for.  Like my beloved 365 brand chick peas without all the added salt. 

Today for lunch I decided to give the new beans a go.  The nutritionals are great and they actually are not that bad on the sodium front.  I always rinse canned beans regardless – I hate all that sludge that covers them.  There is not actually any chili flavor or seasoning on these guys – just a can of mixed beans.  I am actually ok with that. I would rather be in control of the seasoning that I would add to my food. 


DSC04992 DSC04993


For lunch I had 1/2 a cup of the beans, zucchini, apple and a english muffin topped with peanut butter and jelly.

The chili beans were very yummy but a tad bit mushy. I like my beans to have a bit firmer texture. I think that is why I like chick peas so much.  They are a pretty sturdy canned bean.




Dinner was not anything too fancy but it was veggie-riffic.  I had zucchini, summer squash, apple (yes 2 in one day – that is how I am rolling lately) and 2 pieces of bread topped with sunflower seed butter and almond butter.





Sorry to make this so short but I have a basket of laundry to fold and then I am off to read.  I am still not finished with New Moon and I am sure that my mom has already made it to the last book. 

Tomorrow is a crazy Friday. I am cleaning in the AM and then D has a Halloween party at school.  He is going to be one pooped cookie by the end of the day.

I hope you have a great night.  See you sometime tomorrow in between the craziness. 


Katy said...

I like canned beans too, but after getting Veganomicon and realizing how easy it is to soak and cook dried beans, I've been making big batches and freezing them so it's super simple to whip up chilis, burritos and more!

BTW, I'm such a huge fan of your blog...We didn't meet at the Healthy Living Summit, but I was part of the group that sang Happy Birthday to you and I've always wished we had gotten to know each other that weekend!

Mama Pea said...

I almost bought a bag of chickpeas the other day, and then I was like, "What are you doing woman? Don't you have enough to do already? Open the danged can!!!"

I am so happy your post showed up in my reader now! If your hits are down, you might need to tell people to resubscribe, b/c that's what I did!

Heather's Hood said...

I like the idea of those beans, but I'm like you. I prefer my beans somewhat firm, and I love the 365 no salt added chickpeas.

2 apples in one day - yay for Fall!

Hope D enjoys his Halloween party. Happy Friday Sammie. :)

polly said...

Love you, sweetie. I agree about canned beans... salty! I do like the organic black ones. I always rinse them too. :)

Oh and Apples? I have eaten 2 everyday all this month. Actually, today I had THREE. yum!

Happy weekend!! XOXO