Sunday, October 25, 2009

A 10 Mile Run & A Parade

Hello blog friends.  How has your weekend been going?  We have been non-stop crazy people here at my homestead.  Yesterday was a whirlwind and today has shaped up to be the same.  At least it has all been fun. 

My nephew slept over last night – very little sleeping occurred.  He had me up at 3:30 AM to feed him breakfast and I was never able to fall back to sleep.  I was in need of some alone time so I hit the pavement and just kept running.  I did not have a set mileage in mind when I left but I was just enjoying the fresh air and the peacefulness, I did not want to stop.  I completed my first 10 mile run in what seems like forever (lately I have been keeping my runs to an 8 mile max).  It felt marvelous. 

Breakfast was of course a bowl of the most wonderful purple oatmeal. 



This was 1/2 cup oats cooked with water and a scoop of protein powder.  I added cinnamon and a full cup of frozen blueberries at the end.  I topped it with PB2 and a tbsp Almond Butter. It was filling and really hit the spot. 

It was then time to get the boys and myself in costume to head to the Halloween Parade in my sis’s town.  I marched in it with my Girl Scout Troop. 

I dressed as a cowgirl.  A hat would have really made the costume but I was unable to locate one – I guess they are not “in” at the moment. 




So here is the bummer – Charlie forgot the camera in the truck.  I have a few that he took with his phone.  I was really hoping to have some nice ones of the kiddos in their costumes so that my mom could see.  Oh well, there is still Halloween night to be captured. 

Here are the ones that I have to share. 

The group of girls is my Troop and I am following behind.  We had two leaders in the front and two in the back to keep the group together. 




My sis is pulling the wagon. Too bad she is blocked – her costume was great – she was a pirate.




We carried on for about another quarter mile. 




The boys had a great time collecting candy and D ended up giving himself a tummy ache.  I guess daddy let him eat too much during the parade. We ended up nixing the pumpkin carving since we were all so pooped after the sleepover adventure.  D came home and had a breakdown – the lack of sleep finally caught up with him.  I was able to get him to take a little nap which really helped him a lot.  I can’t believe the weekend is already over.  These past 2 days flew by. 

Now lets see if I can stay awake for Desperate Housewives tonight.  I might need to sleep a few extra hours in the morning.  I hope you have a great night.  See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the blog and admire you. How exactly do you make your oats. Do you stir in protein powder after it is cooked. I know heat can denature the protein. I have steel-cut oats, would it work as well.

Anonymous said...

you look great! i love the outfit! ;)

Sammie said...

I cook the oats with the protein stirred in. I have never read anything about the heat denaturing the protein but I am going to look into that now that you brought it to my attention. Thanks for the info. I do not eat steel-cut oats so I can't say how well that would work out. You might want to cook the oats first, then add the protein powder.
Thanks for commenting & I am glad you enjoy the blog.

Julie said...

Oh wow, that parade looks like fine! great costume!

Anne Marie said...

I love your costume-it's awesome!

Jenny said...

Not sure if this makes me completely unfashionable or what, but I think your cowgirl "costume" is actually an awesome outfit!