Monday, September 28, 2009

What’s your favorite flavor?

If I had to choose a favorite flavor jam/jelly/fruit spread, I would definitely pick blueberry.  What is your favorite flavor? What brand do you prefer?  I really like Trader Joe’s Reduced Sugar Blueberry Jelly – I did not think to purchase a jar when I was there yesterday – oops!  Today we ran to Whole Foods where I picked up this sweet spread. 




For dinner I topped a 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin with sunflower seed butter and Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread. On the other english muffin half I melted a slice of swiss cheese.  I added some solid veggies to the meal (unlike my liquid variety at lunch) – a small zucchini and half of a small summer squash cut into spears. 





I also ate 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese with my baby bunny spoon (this was mine when I was a baby). 




Nothing to fancy smancy on the menu but it did the trick. 

Once D is asleep, I am going to try and convince Charlie to give me a back massage.  I did some Turbo Jamming yesterday for a workout and my back muscles are feeling a bit sore.  I had not done that workout for a while and I can actually tell how many different muscles I used.  I guess I should try to do it a little more often seeing as it really does challenge my body differently than the workouts I put in at the gym and running.  I used to do Turbo all the time but I have not been able to make it to the classes at my gym and the DVD I have at home can get over used.  I wish that I could find different Turbo workouts that I can do at home.  I am pretty sure the one that I have is the only one that is out there.  Do any of you know of a different Turbo DVD?  It really is an amazing routine so any info I can get I would appreciate.  Thanks! 

I hope you had a great day. 


Molly said...

strawberry jam is by far my favorite...
in fact, you really can't go wrong with strawberry anything. but as far as jam goes, i've been going with crofter's superfood spread from Trader Joe's recently - really delish, with chunks of real food.

Molly said...

*real fruit

VeggieGirl said...

I love blueberry or apricot! :)

Julie said...

Crofters organic blueberry spread is my #1 all time fave. It tastes JUST LIKE blueberry pie, honestly. My second fave is raspberry. I can't stomach grape.