Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time with the Girls

My sister is the leader of my niece’s Girl Scout troop and she is also her towns representative.  She always has so much work to do on top of her mommy duties.  I decided to register with Girl Scouts as a leader and help my sis out.  Tonight was the first meeting – I am really excited to be spending some time with the girls.  There will be lots of other fun activities to come so I hope you all will enjoy following me on this new adventure of mine. 

Before leaving for the meeting I made myself a quick and filling bowl of oats – yup, there is broccoli in it again.  I had to eat dinner a little early but I am still feeling satisfied after eating this super yummy bowl of goodness.




For lunch today I had tuna mixed with mustard and apples.  On the side I had some baby lettuce topped with a little more mustard – my second favorite condiment next to ketchup. 




With my tuna I had two pieces of whole wheat bread topped with melted swiss but the picture makes the cheese look a bit like plastic.  It tasted great even if it does look a little odd.



Now I must turn off my computer because Survivor is on.  In all the years it has been on, I have never gotten into a season but that Russell dude sure has me hooked.  I am really interested to see what he has up his sleeve this week.  Any other Survivor fans out there?  What do you think of this season so far?

See you tomorrow.


Cat said...

I love Survivor!!! My friends tell me all the time to submit a video to try to get on it, but it's people like that guy Russell who make me realize that I would get eaten alive out there. It's more fun to watch :)

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I've finally got Chris to watch Survivor with me this season. Where did they find these people? They are so INSANE, from Russell to Ben to the girl from the other camp (her name escapes me). CRAZY!

*Naomi* said...

you take amazing photos! LOL about the plastic cheese, but that is how it looks when its all melty! looks great!